Aquascaping – Aquarium Ideas from Aquatics Live 2011, part 1


First part of more detailed report from Aquatics Live 2011 – an aquarium show organized on 19-20th November in the Olympia 2 hall in London. Many aquarium companies, UK fishkeepers’ forums and associations took part in the event. Their booths were located on two floors.

In this first episode I show aquariums at booths of AquaJardin, C.E. Fish Essentials, Star Fisheries, and also the booth of Crocodiles of the World, where no aquarium was displayed.

AquaJardin displayed two setups. The first one was a square and low planted tank, with Microsorum and a large group of Electric Blue Rams and Harlequin Rasboras. The second aquarium setup consisted actually of three small ADA Do Aqua! aquariums, put in one row, and decorated with one long piece of driftwood, cut into fragments fitting inside and between the aquariums. Plants were mostly Riccia fluitans, Staurogyne repens, Heminathus callitrichoides and Pogostemon helferi, with one reddish accent added by Rotala sp. Aquariums were stocked with freshwater shrimps Cristal Red, and with Nothobranchius rachovii killifish.

The company C.E. Fish Essentials is a dealer of various tropical fish food, mostly frozen. There was one aquarium at the booth of this company, stocked with Altum Angelfish and some Discus.

The company Star Fisheries is a “manufacturer” of fancy goldfish. There was one large aquarium at this booth, without any aquatic plants, just bare glass and glodfish.

And finally, the booth of Crocodiles of the world didn’t have any aquarium at all, but it had a plastic pool, where some crocodiles were kept. There was also a possibility to hold a juvenile crocodile for a while – an amazing attraction, especially for the kids! 🙂


varun009 says:

I wish I could have one, but I’m constantly reminded of how stupid my servant is. I could never go on a vacation with one.

Faraz Siddiqui says:

hi, can African Cichlids live in a planted aquarium? Thanks for the videos.

Ayşe Nur Yörük says:


flamepeace says:

killiefish dont eat the red shrimps ??

Ar if says:

nasty goldfish

Kerry K says:

What kind of shrimp were they? They looked like Indonesia Striped Bubblenest Shrimp

Śpiący Marek says:

is that Polish Chanel ?

Tedy Silegar says:

luar biasa

Luis Sevilla says:


Sky Guy says:

what kind of fish was that at 2:59

Fauzi Muhammad says:

best aquascape

Zuhdhi Malik says:


dreamextreme7 says:

please tell me what the air stone is w the small controlled bubbles n how i can get one

AlwaysonKieu says:

Thanks for the upload

Arifin Buwana says:

so beautifull !

Lan Xiaoxiao says:

what’s the blue fish called

Yoga Pradenta says:

Nice prison

W-_-T says:

Love shrimp, wish they weren’t so damn expensive..

jsa2001 says:

I prefer a dog, fish would bore the fuck out of me.

Natureza says:


ιωαννης παναγιωτιδης says:

καταπληκτικο δεν ξερω τι να πω…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frenchie Chua says:

what plant all of they??

Kiki Rizki says:


Virgil Dines says:


Dante Daniel Marcenaro Silva says:

please spanihs not spekear englihs .

Stefano siciliano says:

visita il mio canale

The Barefoot Sock says:

Nemo Shrimp

Ayy Lmao

Rebekah Weeks says:

My takeway was from this video was “Aquarium Ideas= PUT A CROCODILE IN THERE”

Erick Beat Box says:

Los peces Japoneces son feos a mi parecer, como individuo, me gustaria experimentar geneticamente con la especie, parecen pinches penes xD saludos

Panji Saputra says:

cantik s


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