Aquascaping – Aquarium Ideas from Aquatics Live 2012, part 2


Second part of the video-report from Aquatics Live 2012 show, organized in London on 10-11th November. This time I show aquariums at the booth of AquaJardin company. Altogether five aquariums, the first one is marine saltwater aquarium manufactured by the company Red Sea. The layout consists of living rock, there are no hardcorals here, and there are some Scalefin Anthias, and some other saltwater tropical fish. The three aquarium setups are freshwater, planted tanks. Aquarium plants are provided by Tropica. The first tank has plants for beginners, easy to keep and grow in low-light condition, without CO2 supplementation. Mostly they are Microsorum and Cryptocoryne species. The aquarium is stocked with fish of the Hyphessobrycon genus. The second aquarium is a moderate-level tank, with plants requiring higher levels of light, aquarium fertilizers, and CO2 supplementation. It is stocked with beautiful Electric Blue Ram cichlids. And finally, the third planted aquarium, the biggest of them, is an advance-level setup, with plants requiring high level of light, delicately balanced amounts aquarium fertilizers, and CO2 supplementation. There are nice tropical aquarium fish here, namely Beckford’s pencilfish and Apistogramma agassizi. And finally, the fourth planted aquarium at AquaJardin’s booth is a really small Do Aqua! tank, planted with Myriophyllum stemmed plants, and stocked with Sawbwa resplendens and one Betta fish. No LED lighting was used in these aquariums, only T5 fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent lamps.


DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Hmmm, I don’t think wave maker is a good idea… If you want a gentle current, just use the outlet of the filter. Freshwater fish are not used to waves, they prefer to stay in the current (these which live in flowing waters), instead of being constantly pushed back and forth by the waves.

Felis sylvestris says:

great video thanks for upload

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Well, Rams would probably not harm adult shrimps, but they would eat young ones, I think… However, during molting, even the adults could be damaged by Rams, so I’m not sure if it would be possible to keep Rams&shrimps for longer time.

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

AS for substrate, check Tropica’s website, “Layouts” section. These tanks are mentioned there, and there is a complete list of plants, substrate, equipment etc.

K00L VIDEOS says:


CentralParkShark says:

Fish at 4:30?

Minh Kenji says:

Are those fish @8:52 Rummy nose tetra ?

Darren Cordina says:

A big wow congratulations. Can I ask you what are the water conditions for the plants to grow so nice?

KaNeyGe says:

Tanks capacity ain’t adapted to their population at all …

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Did you check “Rapid LED”? I don’t know about the other brands you mentioned, but Rapid LED seem to be easy to set up and configure, and it is also not very expensive… (but I didn’t use it, I just like the idea of making your own LED fixture)

Mr.GTA5 MOD says:

hey man, the name of Fish at 4:30 is Electric Blue Ramirezi I think…

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Thanks, I’m glad that you like it! 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Sure 🙂 According to one of the guys from AquaJardin, it was Myriophyllum “Red” 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

4 gallons is still slighlty too small – minimum 6, if not more. Enter “keeping betta fish” in Google, you’ll find a link to “bettafish” site, with lots of useful infos about keeping bettas.

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

They are Electric Blue Rams.


Wow those are all beautiful tanks.

Matt S says:

Hi. You’re tank designs are impressive. I was looking to do a freshwater tank design and looking to use Driftwood. Can you recommended any types of driftwood that you or the designers have used that work well. I have researched driftwood in aquariums and have found that they can discolour the water and that you may need to boil them in hot water or repeatedly expose them to water remove any tannins prior to adding it to a tank so it doesn’t create murky or brown water. Can you please help me with this problem or suggest how you’re designers over come this. The naturalistic look is best for me and i rather not use plastic. Thanks

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Yup, that’s true 🙂

tanpec says:

Nice Video! Can you tell, which Myriophyllum plant was used in the Do Aqua! tank. I like the colour.

from37on says:

First off, I want to say thank you for the videos….. But I do have a question for you, I have a standard 55 gallon aquarium with neon tetras and rainbow fish. Would it be okay for me to add a wave maker to the tank? I love the gentle sway of the leaves and fish in the tank, but I do not want to harm the fish…..

007gametester says:

Hi! I was looking to get a decent LED for my 30 gallon 32″ long tall freshwater amazon style tank. I was looking at the kessils, but god they are expensive. I would have to spend 500 with everything to set up my tank with kessil A150 amazons. I was looking at the Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus and the Marineland Reef Capable LED Lighting System and Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting Systems, but Age of Aquariums guys (long Beach CA) told me that all of them are a big crap… :S

Sam Butler says:

what fish are they at 04:18 ?

Shubham Mondal says:

7:05 Siamese Algae Eater the best way to prevent Algae growth in tank without any use of chemical 🙂 this is my opinion. please correct me if i am wrong ^_^

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Hehe, good reason! 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Your’e welcome 🙂

LeeshyOaC says:

Could you tell me the name of the plants in the second tank (rio 125) please? I am looking to build my rio 240 tank exactly like this 🙂 Thanks

WerkWerkWerkWerk says:

Apparently, you cant import Tropica into the States. I was looking for a reason to move anyway.

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Cheers, mate! 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Electric Blue Rams (variety of Microgeophagus ramirezi).

Lewis Seow says:

cani put money plants in my tank

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Thanks 🙂 For conditions, check Tropica’s website, the “Layouts” section. Layouts no 68, 69 and 70 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

No, it’s Sawbwa resplendens, originating from Lake Inle in Myanmar.

Ramesh Balakrishnan says:


ireneus benny says:

nice video man….

Lewis Seow says:

where is this place

Lucas Blog says:

please subscribe my channel

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Well, many aquarium plants are called “red”, even though they are rather brownish in appearance 🙂

007gametester says:

Is that true that the lights that I mentioned are not really towards the top level in the $250 range? I am curious what is the best LED that I could buy for tops $270? I couldn’t find a site that has ALL existing LED maker brands (like with pc products :P), also, there is not much decent info on this topic. It should have more comparisons etc. Also, I was messaging to guys who have tanks with a light for over 2 years, since their plants are still like new, and beautiful, but no answer yet…

almcloud says:

what type of camera are you using?

pratik hande says:

What fish are these with red fins at 6:04 ?

Harry Jackson says:

+CentralParkShark that’s an electric blue ram cichlid. Max size, around 7cm. Needs 60 litres at bare minimum

SonOfNye says:

Do I really need a 500 dollar light system to pull something like this off?

Stephen Florek says:

Didn’t think you’d be able to keep cherry shrimp with the rams.

tanpec says:

Thanks for the info. Interesting, it looks more brown than red…

Alex Marchesi says:

I particularly like the lay-out of these aquariums, and the fishes are really beautiful, especially the blue rams. Thanks for upload these videos!

007gametester says:

Thanks for the help

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Vallisneria sp., some crypts Cryptocoryne sp.,Staurogyne repens, Microsorum “Windelov” and some kind of moss on the driftwood, probably Taiwan moss.

Russ Andres says:

what’s the fish at 4:34?

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

There is no one simple answer to such question. Various plants require various conditions – but most of the time soft and slightly acidic water is better than hard and alkaline.

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