Aquascaping – Aquarium Ideas from The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2011, part 1


Best planted aquariums arranged for the aquascaping contest “The Art of the Planted Aquarium”. Dimensions of aquariums are 100x50x50 cm, there are Eheim external filters and T5 fluorescent lamps used. No LED lighting used, becasue back then this type of aquarium illumination was not so popular as it is today. Neither CO2 supply systems nor aquarium plants fertilizers are used during the exhibition. There are aslo no fish in the aquariums, because they are forbidden by the rules of the contest. First, they could cause additional troubles, second, they would distract the viewers from admiring the aquascapes.


riyanto iphone says:


KingKing Arellano says:


Chris Blake says:

I don’t know how they judge these they all look amazing

Aquarismo says:

beautiful tank!, iam in begining, see my tank, and give me your opinion

Rachel Hopewell says:

Suggestions for lighting? A friend said the best tip she ever got was to use a Lumiy Lightline LED desk lamp to really jump help the plants grow. Super bright LED lamp with very low running costs.

Mr Wiseguy says:


slash boom says:

power of speech 🙂

michal bla says:

That was awsome , AWSOME !

Umut Gömceli says:

Inspiring aquascaping, indeed however CO2 and fertz might not be there at the moment of the exhibition but likely they where there until the last moment. Otherwise you can not get these kind of vibrant plants with bubbles on. So i have to admit, statement of “no CO2, no fertz ” is misleading here. None of them gonna be effective at the time of exhibition, but obviously they have been effective for a while just not now.

Akın Bozburun says:

Why 720p? Why? I think must be 4K.

Björn Persson says:

why would anyone buy a tee-shirt of an hairy ass, i want my money back!

Kaan Akkoyun says:


Camilo Aparecido says:

my dream to make one

LetsPlayRetro says:

Beautiful tanks, beautiful music.

Praise Kek says:


S Kh says:

Wow I love it

Nexxuskill Gameplays says:

Beautiful proyects

aquarium & fish FAN says:

Great aquarium

Tharika Shraddha says:

goodand long maintance

regular Joe says:

except a few most looked boring.

Bread says:

You’re.. You’re playing mako mermaids music ;-;
Stop giving me childhood flashbacks ;-;

João Ismail says:

at 8:32 my aquarium got up and went hiding behind some plants and rocks

Tharika Shraddha says:

goodand long maintance

imlerith says:

how much is one of these

Steve Salazar says:

how do you transport tanks to show without damaging them? I guess the answer is “carefully”.

Ginny Ward says:

Amazing examples of aquascaping! This gives me many ideas…yea=)! Thanks for this video!

AcolyteOF Fire says:

i wanna fill them all with shrimp and tetra’s so badly.

BoiseG says:

I read your comment about fish not being allowed, but I can’t look at these beautiful tanks without expecting to see fish. Where is nature would you find such a lush aquatic environment with no fish?

ღSilverstarღ says:

Very nice

King Aquarium says:

Soo beautiful!!

tha nu says:

Hate the annoying song….ruin the video

Katherine Raymond says:

this is so coool!!!! i love pearling plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle Glitch says:

these are all amazing, such talent wow. Did one person do all these tanks?

chris papas says:

love the tanks but come on in no way practical! imagine having to clean the tanks

Samuel Cooper says:

But where are the animals?

Lawrence Bader says:

I look at the monitor… I look at my tank… I look at the monitor… sigh… my tank sucks 🙁

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