Aquascaping – Aquarium Ideas from ZooBotanica 2012, part 5


Fifth part of my report from pet trade fair ZooBotanica 2012, organized on September in the city of Wrocław in Poland. In the previous parts I showed you aquariums of the aquarium exhibition made by members of Polish aquarium forums and fishkeepers’ associations, and now the time has come for aquariums displayed at booth of various companies from the aquarium trade.

The first is the booth of the Tetra company, manufacturer of numerous aquarium supplies and food for tropical aquarium fish. There is a large biotope-like aquarium here, which recreates small fragment of South American stream, with lots of plants above the water. It’s actually more like a paludarium than an aquarium. The tank was arranged by members of Polish Catfish Forum, so the fish inside were mostly various catfish. But there were also Manacapuru Angelfish, and Cardinal Tetras.

The second booth belongs to the AquaRay company, a dealer in various aquarium products and supplies. There are two aquariums at this booth, the first one with freshwater shrimps Fire Red and Red Cristal, and the second one arranged as a nature aquarium, with numerous aquarium plants, very good composition of driftwood, strong aquarium lighting and constant CO2 supply.

The third is the booth of the company Trzmiel, dealer in various aquarium supplies and tropical fish, the offcial retalier of Aqua Design Amano for the region around Wrocław. There were four aquariums at the booth, two planted tanks, with Bolbitis heudelotii, Microsorum pteropus “narrow”, Hygrophila difformis, and Hemianthus callitrichoides, and two marine tanks, with clownfish and some soft and hard corals.

And finally, the booth of the AquaGarden company, which is a breeder of freshwater shrimps and aquarium plants. There are three aquariums at the booth. The first one is planted with Microsorum “narrow” and various kinds of aquarium mosses, the second one was an ingenious layout with driftwood placed outside of the aquarium, and the third one was a small tank stocked with numerous shrimps.


Tio Jason says:

I love all of it <3

kalyan varma says:

Is there any easy way to clean these type of landscape aquarium s ?

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Thanks, and all the best! 🙂

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Thanks, glad you like it 🙂 Do you know that I have over 170 similar videos on my channel?

fishoexplotion1 says:

whats the name of that catfish at 3:14 im sorry i coudnt understand

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Is 94 liter tank a 3 foot tank…?

dion Maas says:

Hey check out my channel to see my aquarium, dont forget to post a comment 🙂 thanx

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Mate, it’s usually considered very lame to ask people to visit our channel ! Concentrate on making good videos, and viewers will come by themselves.


Jakim cudem neonki zyja w jednym zbiorniku ze skalarami???:-) Moje dwa skalary wiecznie pozeraja neonki:-(

Double R says:

freshwater tanks are the best!!!

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Of course you can, but it depends on where you live. In a heavy polluted city the rainwater is polluted, too. But in areas where industry is not very intense you can safely use rainwater, especially when it rained for an hour or two – start collecting the water after this time, because any possible pollutants would be already “washed away from the sky” 🙂

Josema Perez Soto says:

Do you have aquascapes in your house?

UVB says:

But then again I’ve just transistioned them from a 28L to 94L

UVB says:

5:40 How big is that tank in ft (length)? Guesstimate? I have a 3ft and I’m thinking of getting more tetras the ones I have atm arnt really shoaling but I only have 5

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Depends on somebody’s taste… 😉

PunkSkaful says:

I love your videos man!!! I keep on visiting them to get ideas and knowledge about aquascaping and the fish 

sridhar yakathpure says:

nice vdo bro n great info…………………………..:)

Pure4Kicks says:

I do 😉 just hit the year mark last month.. got about 1000 subs not even close to 11000 tho

PickleRick says:

Plural of shrimp is shrimp. Not shrimps!

doesgodcareanymore says:

can you use rainwater in a tank.

Aquamundo !! says:


umbramen says:


DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

It’s Hydrocotyle tripartita.

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Me? Nope, I only have some breeder tanks 🙂 I’m terrible with aquascaping 🙂

Kostas del Sol says:

Hey man, what’s the name of that tiny black & white fish school at the bottom there?

UVB says:

92.5 Cm yes 🙂

Uthaman Roschke says:

“The cat fish” in the first tank u showed I’m know that they were Plecos

Edrolin Moises says:

hi there. your videos are awesome. I just have one question though. may I know what type of plant is that on the front left portion of that tank on 06:37?

georgina taylor says:

The fist amazon aquarium by the tetra company is amazing, how did they make this background? I know its styrofoam, but how long does it last and how did they glue the sand onto it without effecting the water? I am getting a fluval roma 240 and wish to recreate this tank, to a smaller scale of course!

DefiniteAquascapeTV says:

Mate, it took me two years to reach 11000 subs. And for most of this time I was getting like 1-2 subs a week. The “boom” started about half a year ago.

Pure4Kicks says:

That’s amazing! 11000 in two years 🙂 You’ve done really well channels like yours are so inspiring to me so thank you so much 😉

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