Are They Floating? Simple Tips on Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Clear Aquarium Water Doesn’t have to Be Complicated


Kingshuk Das says:

Hi. U put in a lot of effort to keep ur cichlids healthy. Not to sure what kind of water ur being supplied but do u really need to really run 3 canisters? My 170 gallon is 6 months old i have 86 peacock hap n mbuna. Im running 1 canister. 2 submersible power filter 4 sponge filter. Never tested my water for PH, ammonia, nitrate. Never had problem of ich, bloat, para* fishes are happy and coloring up. Grown from 1.5 inches to 5 inches in 6 months. Feed twice a day, 25% water change/week. The only product i use is safe. My water is as clear as bottled drinking water. The kind of equipment u guys use are highly expensive here in india.

Jean-Sebastien Fabre says:

Very informative Adam! Thank you. Do you have to deal with micro bubbles sometimes? It’s a random problem I deal with my Fx6. I tried a lot of different settings but it doesn’t get better. Can you please tell me your opinion on that?

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

I like how you maintain the substrate the best!

Bradford Risbert says:

To make my aquarium water crystal clear, this is what I did. I got myself a power filter (The most common filter). I temporarily removed the sponge media that came with it as it is too porous. I replaced it with filter wool. I simply cut the wool to the right size and put it in the power filter and ran it. In less than a day, the water is super clear. Filter wool is best to polish the water, but not effecient for bio filteration. So once the water was crystal, I re-put the regular filter sponge. I love blabbering about fish on my Facebook Page –

Fish R Relaxing says:

I think a very simple thing that is most overlooked is cleaning the outside glass. A good background helps a lot too. Lighter backgrounds show less in the water and glass while reflecting more lighting. I think too much emphasis is put on the actual water clarity itself and what fancy chemicals you can add to a filter. I’m my experience it’s more often how you are viewing it. Not mater how clean the water is if the glass is dirty the tank will always look dirty.

Robert Fezekas says:

First of all thanks for the videos. They are a big help. Secondly I believe I saw a video that you made where I believe you said your third canister filter is simply for Bio media if so how often do you maintenance or clean that filter that you use for Bio only.I’m thinking about adding a third canister to my 125

jared martin says:

is there any reason why my blue ali has the entire tank off to one side and won’t let anybody come past half way. He’s the smallest and it’s a Predator hap tank. could I have a female in there?

wildbill9919 says:

Lately my 10 gallon has been a tad cloudy. So I tried Purigen today for the first time. Hope it helps.

Brian Meehan says:

Great video Adam.

My group of Rostratus constantly sifting through the sand help to keep plenty of particles floating around in my water 🙂

Having a wavemaker or circulation pump certainly helps to keep the waste up off the bottom to allow it to get sucked in to the filter.

robin morty says:

My tank looks the same! I’ve only got sponge and bio media lol

Efrain's Cichlids says:

great video, crystal clear water, i also use the white pads

Simon F B says:

I have a great all male showtank, crystal clear water and no problems no algey …I use nothing I only feed them end do every 2 week water changes… for 1 year now..

SD Greengo says:

How do you deep clean sand? Do you have a video on this?

jared martin says:

Hey Adam, what type of fish is that small one with the yellow blaze?

Let Go says:

UV steriliser works a treat !

dipankar majumdar says:

Awesome thanks for uploading.

jared martin says:

thanks for all your help and the time that you invest into helping out other people. People like you make this Hobby a lot more fun when we have a little bit of understanding on what’s going on. Semper Fi!

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi Adam.. great info. I have to say that Sapphire is stunning!! The interesting thing is when you do your water testing on a bloom it’s usually good. It takes time to allow the tank to settle itself. It will if you give it time. The biggest point is don’t panic and over clean or you will be taking 2 steps back instead of forward. Do you use a UV sterilizer at all? I have a couple but haven’t used them in a while. With all the sunshine and heat I am thinking I may use them for summer. What’s your take?

Nonya Busnezz says:

great points. I have nothing bigger than a 55 gallon and use nothing but hang on back filters and I maintain very clear water by not overfeeding, not overfeeding, and regular water changes. I don’t even have to use chemicals. Im sure I would with bigger tanks.

Sheriff says:

Hey noob here, are those freshwater or marine fishes?

Gaybo says:

Feels like it’s way harder in heavily planted tanks :l

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

Your video and audio quality is great. What camera do you use?

Gordon Jackson says:

How do you deal with the flow output of three filters ?

irishhiphophead says:

is it true that when cycling a tank it goes through a faze of being cloudy

Misty Wolf10 says:

Wow this is amazing! Another great video! Thanks for uploading

Neva Mind says:

Great tips and great video.

austin porteous says:

Can I tank a green terror with a red empress?

Sean Ford says:

I use an under gravel filter for my 29 gallon and the water is super clear.

Daves Rift says:

good video and info. i think you covered this well. i used to run everything under the sun. lol. sump,,fx6, purigen, chemi pure elite, a 15w external uv sterilizer. polishing pads. i realized in my case anyway, that it wasnt really necessary. the only thing im running now is my sump draining into a filter sock. and i saw little to no drop off in clarity. i think filtration/turn over, proper circulation,bio load, and feeding regimen are the keys to achieving this kind of clarity.

3drhodes says:

what do you think about carbon in aquariums? I’m in the process of starting a 90 gallon Tanganyika tank with trickle sump filtration and I was thinking about adding a carbon reactor. it’s similar to a small canister filter with only activated carbon in it. What do you think. Thanks for all your great advice.

Denny's Aquatics says:

Hey Adam, great tips! I do pretty much the same thing as you in my 220, but I have a sump with 2 FX6S. I also just use Purigen, but I don’t re-activate it; I just replace. Otherwise, I really enjoyed your video and thanks very much for sharing.

P G says:

Beautiful setup!

Free Swimmer says:

I sure love a good sideview  !!   Looks great and thanks for sub’n !

Ben Ochart says:

Adam, fish and tank looking GREAT. Solid tips, thanks.

dezionlion says:

aquaponics is the easiest, best way to have crystal clear water with no maintenance. just add water when it evaporates.

daniel wright says:

can i ask how you get your fx6 outlets to come out behind your background like that?

mlp universe says:

i keep clear water by haveing a larger amount of cleaners than regular fish

Richard Doornkamp says:

like your channel, good information and straigt to the point.

but a question from my side:

fx6’s aint that common in my country and i dont know anywone that owns one. but how much noise do they make in your opinion? are they quiet?

daniel wright says:

Thanks Adam, im a little stuck as mine are behind a channel in the background so i need to add a 90 bend to the pipe which will then make the two outlets be upside down if that makes sense!!

AnimeGamerCreater says:

if we can’t see air does that mean fish can’t see water? 😀

Tyler H says:

great video

Baini says:

Imo the substrate shouldn’t be deep cleaned. I’ve done a deep clean with the vac maybe twice and I’ve had my 140L for a few years. A light skim every few months is good enough.

Dillon Tran says:

Nice video.
I have a question. I am trying to find out the gender of my two mbuna cichilds,
I have an electric yellow cichild that has very light black on the fins and my demasoni cichild has a very light blue and little purple color.
Could you tell the gender of those two mbuna cichilds?

Jaxson Row says:

How often should I do water changes?

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