LOTS of things happening, new epic fish tank, new lighting, customized hood, re-decorated, new plants, new everything, tips&tricks! ask away questions, I GOT THE ANSWERS. I got a lot better at this hobby 🙂 Number one rule. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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gymnastics21 h says:

What fish do u have

ArcadeMasters says:

“Who even watches my videos” >200k Views

Zmi Benyamin says:

+onlyItalian where is the water heater.

Mr. FishPlants says:

it says 10 gallon planted tank. even if the plants are real that lightly planted, heavy planted is the way to go.

What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay says:

Nice tank but far from “best”

kat jain says:

What are you using inside your filter? Carbon cartridges or sponges? ThanX.

Kali Wolfe says:

This is the nicest 10 gallon I have ever come across

Jon Tray says:

How would u say u spent on everything together and were do u shop

Xbox Gaming says:

Danm nice tank

Isaiah Perez says:

Good job man keep it up

Alif Ahmed says:

where did you get the black pieces of rock from?

Pred Toxics says:

what fish do you keep in their

shuja dar says:

arent we suppose to say its awesome or not if u already make up ur mind its cool tank then theres no point uploading video ..n by the way its below averg tank decoration

Connor Martins says:

Bro honestly that tank looks so mint keep it up

Will Pandora says:

what kind of bubbler is that

BL's herps says:

what are you going to do wen the lights burn out?

Jonathan Fournier says:

How are you going to change the light if it malfunctions if there’s silicone sealing it?

Stefany Gomez says:

So pretty

mark68227 says:

cool cave mate so what fish do you have in your tank i am thinking of buying a 90 L tank or 110 right now we have a big 1 down stairs i have some videos on my page cheeck them out pretty cool tank to so what fish u have an how many ?

santokh lal says:

I had the same tank my fishes died so fast

Chriswasherez says:

Hey so I got a fish tank from top fin and it’s 10 gallons and I got a heater with it but idk if put the whole heater in the water or just keep the top out and only the bottom in

Antonio Salvaggio says:

Do the plant cause the tank to become more dirty

ShawJohn31 says:

that glass is going to cause you problems when a bulb needs changing!

Stacy Blunt says:

your tank looks good good job

Steven Broadbent says:

It is not cool, looks like something a 5 year old could design! Have you seen ANY other video on aquascaping? Never have I seen someone so overconfident in skills they simply don’t have.

Daniel Smoke says:

What did you use for the air pump? I am trying to buy one for my ten gallon and I loved the way you had it set up! Also where did you get your rocks?

Lucie Lejeune says:

what type of fish is your blue fish with specks of white? So beautiful!

Esoteric Desi says:

Great bright LED

KaijuCinema says:

What tank is this

John Aranita says:

I’m one-quarter Italian.  I look like Filipino.

TheeIrish Monsta says:

What was that white and black fish in there? I want to get into fish tanks and he looks really cool

Stinky Cheez says:

That fish tank is over stocked!!! even guppy is too much for a 10,000 gallon tank!

Jk… Great job dude your fish look really cool too.

Maricus Chester says:

Love you tank man, I set mine up similar yours lol

Adam Sean dubstep says:


FishFish says:

This tank is BEAUTIFUL! I am getting another 10 gallon (This will be my second) and I will be adding some clippings from my plants in my other 10 gallon to it. After my cycle is all good, I will add fish (probably in 3 or 4 weeks!)
What fish can I put in there in terms of:
Can I keep mollies and platties together? if so, how many?
I might just do four platties.. Is that too many? should I stick with three?
Also, how many mollies should I put if there aren’t any other fish in there?
Thank you! 🙂

Colin Productions says:

I have a 10 US gallon aquarium it has 2 Black Skirt Tetras, 2 Silver Tipped Tetras, 6 Golden White Cloud Minnows, and 2 Cory Catfish. I’ll upload a video soon.

sugargliderlove123 says:

that is too small for all of that fish sorry but do more research

Bret Fraizer says:

I am new owner and do not have a hood yet. With the modification how do you change out the lights?

fernpack stuff says:

does uvb go through glass

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