BETTA FISH tank decorations | DIY Aquarium Plant Planters

I made DIY betta fish tank decorations which were aquarium plant planters. These tank planters use black aquarium gravel and decorative glass fillers as well as some plant food tabs at the bottom. Betta fish LOVE to have an environment with decorations because it makes them feel safe vs being in an open space. The tank that I have is 20 gallons and is divided with dividers from Lifewithpets on youtube.
Do you have a planted aquarium?

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Monica Amethyst Crummel says:

I love this idea.. Although the tank wld be better without the dividers.. Bettas don’t like small confined spaces… I have a 10 gallon with 8 bettas – 6 females and 2 males..

dudety20 says:

;Great advice, beautiful aquascaping, good choice in music, and a nice voice and demeanor. Overall this was a great video, thank you for making it.

Pets Daily says:

my white crown tail bettas gills won’t close and seems to be breathing heavy (this happened since the day I brought him home) he also has one little tiny whiter spot that has like 1 lifted scale then all the rest of him…don’t think it’s ich or velvet

Stacey Here we grow again says:

Thanks for sharing!

PatriciA Davis says:

Your suppose to wash the gravel before you put it in the tank

Pranoy Biswas says:

Can u please tell me the dimensions of the aquarium??

Olena Pylypchuk says:

couldn’t you first say hi?

CollegeBettas says:

The planters look great! My favourite was the third one with the natural rock. I am thinking about using this in my goldfish tank with some anubias.

meg grotte says:

I’d love to have five bettas and your tanks are beautiful I love how you put your plants in little Planters I’m thinking about doing that cuz that’s pretty awesome

Pet Craz says:


SaraHville 1 says:

I love doing this! I have used this method several times with many different plants! It is fairly sturdy (especially if you don’t have any large snails!), and it’s easy to move in the tank, and also easy to redo if you don’t like it or get tired of it! I really like the bettas at either end of the tank, my favorite is the one at 8:45!

Aimee M says:

That looks like an anubias coffeefolia at 2:21. Does it have a big root that the leaves grow out of? If it is an anubias, the rhizome will rot if you bury it. Just plant it with the rhizome on the surface and the little rootlets in the substrate.

Your bettas look good though. I love their little houses!

NanoScape Aquatics says:

Amazing! Thank you so much!

jes says:

this is such a good idea!!

aisyah says:

this is amazeballs!

sarvesh dalvi says:

Can you tell me dimensions of the tank?

febby exotic says:

Do you use snails?

Kyles Wild World says:

omg that beta @ 7:15 is dope!!!!!!!

Dawn Ruhl says:

This is exactly what I have been wanting to see! Thank you! Would love to know, do you need to take them apart to put in new root tabs when its time? The tank looks great. I just love the look with plants in the jars.

naomi smith says:

Love your idea I’m going to try it great video xxx

XxRalphyBoyxX says:

Your voice reminds me of rigby’s girlfriend from The Regular Show. Lol awesome vid

Adrionna Svenningsen says:

where you get the aquarium at

Luna 1235410 says:

Ok I I have a story to tell. I went into my LFS to get some food for my betta’s there were some other people in there and one was pointing at a beautiful and amazing betta, then she said “Awwe I must like weird things because this is!” Those word still haunt me to this day (this was about a year ago FYI)

Nanli says:

This is so adorable…my tank is under construction…I love what you did with your tank. 🙂

Ziaullah Mohammadi says:

Where did u get ur tank at it’s nice for beta fish

Omar Emilio Herrera Moreta says:

So cute

Nicole P says:

Do u plan to breed giant betta at some point? I would love love love to buy a giant koi or HM

Meow says:

Thanks for the clever ideas.

coconutbead says:

What’s the music at 3:24 ?

Albatross21 says:

Whoa! That looks amazing. I was fascinated with this whole video but the final setup really surprised me. For a while I’ve just casually owned fish (about 7 years) – I’ve had a basic community fish tank with a Betta that lived for 5 years, but since then I’ve switched to a biorb which I’m not totally happy with. Don’t get me wrong it’s easy maintenance and looks pretty with the lighting system – but the filter is so noisy for such a little tank. I thought maybe it was faulty but I’ve done some research and found out that is the major downfall of biorbs.

But this video has really inspired me to perhaps continue the Betta journey in the future – if I can come up with a similar design to this – I can move on from the biorb – and from the guppies – as pretty as they are, I loved watching my Betta, Blaze, dancing around the tank in the earlier days of fishkeeping 🙂

meg grotte says:

I was just curious how did you make your dividers for your tank

Patrick Jose says:

Nice setup, what did you use as dividers?

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