BLOXBURG Tutorial // NO GAME PASS AQUARIUM !!!! (Roblox)

on the right side of the screen, u can see proof that I have collision mode activated. So stop saying that I m using the game pass when it’s deactivated. If you guys want I’ll do another video with a brand new account to prove it.

Control + z to undo
Control + y to redo



Wizer Wolf says:

Ur a filipino rightt

ROSES says:

Wouldn’t u have to have the Advanced Placing !

Noodle Yagami says:

Lol imovie

Nashie Burrito321 says:

Can you build my house please user: Nashie_Playz10

Cyber Sisters says:

Ya it has Game Pass

Graeme Woods says:

I’ve got a surprise

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Imys 4 says:

Thx a lot this is an amazing idea I’m going to share it with my friends

*- toxic -* says:

do you need advance placing?

D⃒x⃒s⃒t⃒i͢n⃒y⃒S⃒t⃒a⃒r⃒z⃒ says:

I just realized you are toxic vapor NO WAY I LOVE YOU’RE BUILDS,,!

Layla says:

i don’t undertand

Da Asian says:

He just beat the system

Small Gaming-and more- says:

1:16 look at those cars…

- patachaos - says:

Omg this actually worked for me!

Amy Lee says:

Ummm u need a game pass for the plant part so this kinda fake btw not trying to hate but AMAZING

Oil McBoil says:

bruh i died of laughter when i realized ur intro is from imovie xD

Lazÿ Lizžie says:

No game pass? Look at your thumbnail it’s 2 floors ;-:

Nobody Important says:


Gaming with Olivia says:

Plz could u help me build a house my username is unicornandpuppy

-Meh toast_ says:

Thank you I will sub

x Toko says:

dang ur atually soo smart this vid was soo good even tho i already have the gamepass, Ignore the haters and keep doing what u r doing 😀

I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!! says:

That is only advanced placing could do plus why not show us how to do it I mean ALL OF IT show us how you made it first how about that? Oh and also you can’t redo what you deleted and I bet you just edited it out of the video

Mitz says:

cool!! pls tell us wat editor and screen recorder do u use plss reply back!!!!

slow bro says:


Asmr Lil sis and me says:

1:19 dang how much cars u got there u rich as hell boy.

Riley Belt says:

How do you do that

Lollzz Lollzz says:

Hey can u please build me this if u reply probably won’t I will give u my username to add me!!

ShortWolf Gaming says:

DANGGG UR SMART i have some tricks too but theres NOTHING compared to this! Ur so* smartt

AG YT says:

This is quite smart

Slushnuggids says:

Nice iMovie intro 🙂

Graeme Woods says:

How many cars do you need look at 1:19 your so rich like I have 2 dollars on bloxburg…

ROBLOX Madness says:

I dont honestly get how to do it.

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