Cute Fish Bowl Ideas : Aquariums & Fish Tanks

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Not all fish need giant aquariums – some are perfectly happy in bowls. Get cute fish bowl ideas with help from an aquarium professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Paul Endtricht
Bio: Paul Endtricht has kept aquariums as a hobbyist since age 10, and has been working with them professionally since 2002.
Filmmaker: Elizabeth Hong

Series Description: Setting up an aquarium or fish tank in your home is very similar to owning other types of pets – you need to make sure that you’re following directions and taking care of the tank to keep the fish inside as happy as possible. Get tips on aquariums and fish tanks with help from an aquarium professional in this free video series.


sam pollard says:

NO. NO. NO. And NOOO!! This is a horrible setup for any fish, especially goldfish and bettas. PLEASE do your research before buying one of these death traps!

Oscar Carlson says:

80% :OMG to small bowl no fish can ever live there! Me: LOL small fish can live there and yes betta can but if the betta is big no.

10%:this is great! Me: yes half yes…

5%: am I gay? Me: yes

5%: Im gay

Sijan Lamichhane says:

Non scence aquarium

Summer Folster says:

eHow please stop lying to people. Every animal care I’ve watched is full of misinformation 🙁

Pixy's Life says:

“And your fish will love it as well,” I’m dying! Wait that wasn’t a joke? Oh. In that case you know nothing about fish and shouldn’t be giving “info on their proper care”.


Yuck thats silly choices

angler Raju says:

its very beautiful.

Malcom Graato says:

Worst video ever!

Vishaal Nandam says:

Way too small fucker

Omed M says:

Poor fish , thats 100% animal torture, Will u never learn?? stupid people .i hope ur life never be the same arter this .

shirley Negrete says:

When he said cute I cringed

Stef Styl says:

What fish? A fish cant live in there

Koleu D not let that happen to those poor fish says:



*pointing at fish bowl “your fish will love it as well ” how do i believe you as an aquarium designer

Dong Hwan Kwon says:

Hmmm..Let`s think . only FAKE fish can fit in there!

Rooftop Baguette says:

thank you for showing me 4 products that you have manufactured i will now continue searching cute fish bowl ideas as i have no imagination. i am so empty, the pain keeps me up at night. end it, end the eternal suffering i endure.

Darya Amiri says:

Bowls are not good tanks are

Bruna Lopes says:

they’r all fantastic *-*

Kamini Puhan says:

that’s literally a few ideas.

Theboredguy97 says:

I like the rock band decor.

Cloudclaws AJ says:

These are way too small for fish, even bettas. Betta fish need at least a 2.5 gallon tank to be happy. If you’re planning to get a fish, then get a PROPER tank instead.

Alex Trubshaw says:

They are so small, maybe ok for half of one tetra or a robo fish

LadyPurplez AJ says:

This is as important as decorating the inside of a coffin, it’s literally the same thing.

America's patriot America's patriot says:

oh my this is horrible even for guppies

Stella Bieber says:

This isn’t an aquarium or fishtank lol

Vincent Jordan says:

I just can’t take it seriously when he says ‘cute’

jay fashion advice says:

he said it like bad acting

Hunter Dean says:

“How to torture your fish 101” would be the more accurate title of this video….

Lilly Steelman says:

If you’re gonna put your fish is a “tank” (in this case a bowl) that small you might as well have flushed it down the toilet. No fish can live in a bowl like that.

Nicolas Lopez says:

I’m guessing you should put no fish and keep it as a decor in your house. PLEASE DON’T PUT FISH IN THERE

vlogzs with shirley says:

0:40 wait what they won’t love it they will hate it

Tirtha Chakrabarti says:

1stly these are simply inappropriate for fish as small bowl contains insufficient oxygen and gets polluted easily due to greater amount of waste in lesser water.
2ndly, these don’t look cute at all.

Donna McDonell says:


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