Decorating Ideas for Turtle Tank. How to on a budget!

Mr Turtle’s tank get’s an extreme make over! Tiddlestopia edition! I finally added large smooth river rocks for a subtrate, and some greenery to make it look a little more like a Texas river.

I bought the river rocks from Walmart and Dollar Tree and the plants from Petsmart and Dollar Tree also.

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Tony Whitesell16 says:

I’m getting a red eared slider turtle this weekend and I want to know how much do I feed him a day and how often ?

Brett Karst says:

I can’t believe how much I love my turtle. Her name is Yo Yo if you please…… Thanks for the video. I can feel your genuine affinity towards your turtle. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Valle says:

177 dollars or 1.77 lb

Brynjar Konradsson says:

okay you want suggestions. buy at least a 70 gallon, a proper caniste filter, sand substrate, stones for diffrent levels, and custom tank top with some mesh net somewere so he can get properly dry when basking. This is basic

Ethan Kovach says:

He looks so happy! (:

Zelos Gaming says:

I saw on your Twitter you also live in Texas! May I ask where in Texas? I live in Lewisville/DFW Area

Elizabeth G says:

here is my setup for a turtle tank setup on a budget. I will have how i made it posted in the next month. the real rock background costed under $65 bucks. My turtles is 8in long and lives in a 500 gal tank. please share and like thanks,

Ethan Kovach says:

He looks so happy! (:

Jake THE GAMER and MORE says:

My turtle needs to see through the tank so if I get his glass dirty a little he freaks out (,_,)

Mariana 223 says:

this is a good tip i wish i had enough money to buy that im saving up

andres romero says:

u put lettuce in ur tank

PunkAss17331 says:

Home Depot has a big bag of these out in their garden center…The Home Depot rocks do still have a lot of sand and dirt and will need cleaned really well first though…

TheRealest0561 says:

How big is your tank and what size are your turtles?

Sean says:

I dont have Walmart in my country. You are so fortunate

SpaceLife008 says:

How often do u need to clean it without a filter

Elizabeth Nunez says:

Do these need filters or clean by hand

XvREByrd3vX says:

I only put a few river rocks more as something for the turtle to explore rather than a substrate. Tried sand but prefer bare bottom due to sand getting in canister filter seals and impeller

robert justus says:

Why didn’t you just get them off the ground for free?

cl0r0x Bl3ach says:

My two turtles eat ReptoMin floating food sticks,Natural Aquatic Turtle Pellets,ReptoTreat gammarus shrimp and Omega One Juvenile turtle pellets and the turtles LOVE them. I suggest you buy them.

Smitty kicks 23 says:

2:24 I have that same turtle decoration

What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay says:

Your turtle dose t have a platform where he can bask and digest food?

jonathan rose says:


Şevval Ötleş says:

baştakiler ne anlamadım bide sen ingilizcemi konuşuyorsun

Rohit Saini says:

plz… would u help me…

Inscensia says:

Also, what kind of dock do you have?

Gracen Smith says:

how many gallons is that

Captain Oblivious says:

Does your turtle ever try to nibble on the fake plants?

Rohit Saini says:

i dont know my turtule not opens her eyes properly… what i do….

HawkyPlays says:

Whats the basking area made out of? Like… what is it? Im trying to get a Red-Eared Slider soon

Eason Tung says:

My turtle won’t swim. Worried

Insations says:

I can’t Use them rocks my turtle are so small the just wedge them self in there and get stuck

Jessica Guttierrez says:

how big did you say your tank was ??

Tarika Dhaver says:

love ur videos like ur turtle

Afnan Photo says:

the fun ends when you need to clean the tank

StylesClash says:

i need help i just got my RES yesterday and i tried to feed it but it wont eat and its always in the water and its so afraid of me its a juvinile RES .And are plastic plants ok for them?

Inscensia says:

You said he was eating lettuce early on in the video, were the plants you had in at first real and edible? or did you just give him lettuce?

ECLECTIC 361 says:

have you thought about a background poster to wrap around your tank, it really does add alot to a tank for not much money lol, my tank is on my page feel free to have a look and let me know what you think

gopro_2027 says:

Rocks never have worked out well for me. They get stuff trapped in them and always muck up the tank. Small or large I’ve tried both.

Ernestine Henry says:

Like the video but there’s no sound.

Cartoon Player says:

how much the water level (inch)
for my red eared slider 4.5 cm (long)

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