Decorating my goldfish aquarium – GOLDFISH AQUASCAPE!!

How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! Aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done something like this for 8 years!! Let me know what you think!

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steve rosse says:

So… aren’t you afraid the goldfish will eat all that fine white sand and die?  I’ve always understood that you never want to put anything in a carp’s tank that will fit in his mouth.  Most keepers of fancy goldfish I’ve ever known kept bare tanks, just fish and water.

Graeme101 Playz says:

what fish are these?

parvez baba says:


Paolo Nainggolan says:


ruger kidd says:

beautiful! what about uneaten food getting inbetween the rocks? what about goldfish inhaling sand when they eat? thats why i’ve never used sand

Yazmurat A. says:

But i love cichlids and arowanas too

Shelilla says:

jfc 5:04 scared me

planted green says:

Tech me complete set up of of filters of many tanks


Beautiful fish!

ValeTheWeirdo says:

You have goldfish!

Faaiz Mohammed says:


Hi…What is the dimension and gallon of this Gold Fish tank ?

I too want to make one.

Please reply.

Andrew Doris says:

2.45 the toe appears

ValeTheWeirdo says:

I haven’t had goldfish in YEARS!!

hieuwey says:

This video inspired me to aquascape my goldfish tank too! It’s not as large, but still looks fabulous in my 60 gallon tank. Thank you for your dedication to fish!!!

Virendra Murthi says:

What give food for awrona fish best

Mera Klis says:

Is decor really important for goldfish aquarium?? Right now I have 2 fancy goldfish in 170 liters with good filtration but no decor, just an empty tank…

Xmasterjoel says:

What’s that black fish called I have one like it and forgot the namr

Yazmurat A. says:

If you bred goldfish, and grew them out, i wouldve been watching you 24/7

Rajesh Ramalingam says:

Pal, you are a pro, I am a goldfish enthusiast, everything matches that’s the point

w6806409 says:

I was wondering if that pool filter sand would be a good idea for a koi fish aquarium?  Ive always used the small brown pebbles at walmart but that landscape that you did in this video looks awsome.

kross diamond says:

0:13 joey what was the air stone did you use in the Aquarium ????

Virendra Murthi says:


White Baron says:

Goldfish poops too much but i want 3 of them in my aquarium

Lawson Bowles says:

Sweet got an idea for a 2 year 160 gallon project thanks

Nisha Williams says:

New subscriber and watched like 7 videos in a row. I’m new to this hobby and you are inspiring.

Kieran Wasuek says:

I feel like I want to Aquascape my tank similar to this. This was sooo beautiful, yet it was fairly simple.

Does anyone know if you have to use a certain kind of paint to use for the outside of the tank? I like the idea of it being blacked out.

Maya Shaji says:

Dude how big is that tank

royer naj says:

Wow!!! those are a lot of goldfish, it looks fantastic!!!

Guppy Fish says:

I have 4 goldfish in a 75 g in my living room.

Harry Buttworth says:

Def going for a gold fish aquarium, this is gorgeous.

Rest in peace xxx says:

I cant do that my goldfish trust me and keeps on biting my hand and will refuse staying away from my hand so placing rocks would be difficult

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