DIY aquarium background

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This entire project cost me about $15…maybe less…the only things i purchused were the silicone tubes ($4 each) and the plastic ($1).

i hope you enjoyed this how to video of me making my aquarium/ fish tank 3D background. it was super easy to make. Dont forget to tag me on facebook on your pictures of your backgrounds you made using my method!

***this is my own method i developed, i have never seen this done before so if you happen to make a video using my method i hope you will at least mention my name lol


Autumns World says:

They look like mollys

Max Karma says:

i thought about this idea, so I looked it up and this video showed up. I’m subscribing

D.Green Photography says:

Nice! Your hard work was worth it! Look Great!

Praveen George says:

Loved your techniques. Inspired me to try it myself. I too like using natural substances in the aquarium as much as possible.

Erin’s Aquatics says:

Is there a way to do this to an already-established tank? I love this idea but my tank has been running for some time now. Can I clip the sheet to the glass somehow?

Nikki The Fox says:

It’s easy to scrape with a razor. I use it all the time when algae is being tough. But I don’t recommend bark. It’ll just rot away.

karan19ism says:

Hey could you put a tank cleaning video after adding these accessories?

chrysler dsouza# wildimagination says:

Super cool idea for the background

Michael Gross says:

That is very creative! An inexpensive way to decorate a tank, I like I like.

itz kikininja1 says:

that thing growing on the thing is sooo cool

idk why I don’t like watching other animal PPL than you XD I guess I just like that you save the animals

Ismaeel Mohammad says:

thumbs up….nice work

Marili M. says:

Do u live in Tijuana

Christian Mirafuentes says:

Dream Girl 🙂

Stephanie Balderas-Ruz says:

Omg old steff!! Aww! I miss ya!

Darsh nayak says:

hey u r pretty

Asuka Magnis says:

Poo And pee

Breya Bond says:

Do you need a heater for these

Kevin Blanco says:

Quedó super padrísima

GV Gokul says:


Ellie Jelly says:

You kill the tree


Is it ok to put all this things directly in fishtank ???
Because it seems some things are rotting ..and thats not healthy for fish

Mona says:

You’re background looks really cool.

Nitish Gupta says:


Luziel Geek says:

I love this video! 🙂

Mary Beth Mabe says:

I really like the background and how you did this video- I am impressed.!

Raven says:

Can I do this to my turtle aquarium?

Alexander Ixcatcoy says:

won’t the wood eventually rot or decay

Hemendra Singh says:

Beautifully done.

Angelica P says:

Fish live mostly in water. Is that true? Yes.
Water can be the ocean, river, stream, and a lot of things. Is that true? Yes.
Wild waters are filled with rocks, seaweed, pieces of tree bark, fish poop, a lot of things. Is that true? Yes.
Now all that stuff I listed above has a whole bunch of bacteria and stuff. Is that true? Yes.
Fish don’t die from that stuff or else fish would have long been exctinct, since you can find all that stuff in the fish’s natural habitat. Is that true? Yes.
Now I don’t see why people are complaining about the fish dying in that aquarium because of all the “bacteria”. Dude. Fish live with that stuff.

Oliver And taco says:

I know I’m literally 3 years late but yasssssss it’s so great it fits my aesthetic so well

Dee Bee says:

you care so much about what your fish tank looks like while that poor cat is drinking out of what looks to be a very dirty pan of water. the cat looks so sweet and seems to like you regardless of the fact that you’re as dumb as that pile of rocks you collected. and seemingly just as cruel as you are dumb. you should be ashamed of yourself. ugly skank.

pacco the tortoise says:

what j means

lakshmi pathy says:

super idea

Rachel Kruse says:

Those nails…..

Noah Johansson KR_6B Kristinedalskolan says:

The fish are molys or platys

Kevin Blanco says:

Genial !!!

LifeWithFish says:

Like fish/animals Subscribe to me 🙂 lots of stuff to come x

Danielle Snezchik says:

Love it! I’m definitely trying this with my 20 long. <3

Lykos-Anubis says:

im getting so annoyed every time she pronounces silicone as SILLYcone. It sounds so stupid. xDDD

Bilal Baig says:

your work is appreciated!!

riddlebawx says:

@Steff J – Can you give me an update on the bark side of the tank after almost 4 years? If it’s no longer used, how long did you use it for and did you have any problems with it? Thank you, I love the bark background so I’m willing to try it.

another special snowflake says:

your fish must hang a quarter in the bag in the tank before releasing them. This has to do with the differenses in temprature.

(sorry for my bad grammar)

Scowling Wolf says:

thanks ,,some great ideas ,,love the table cover pool ,,my next stop .x

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