DIY Aquarium Decorations – My 5 Favorite Ideas – This is the pond foam I use in the video. It’s aquarium safe and works great. I let it dry for 24 hrs. Here is a link:

Aquarium Expand Foam:


solar clapson says:

And the Island is mostly Dolomite sandstone which used to be ocean floor, and coastline hundreds of millions of years ago. Hence the fossils, and inevitable incredibly hard water. It is literally off the chart hardness.

solar clapson says:

Ha! I live a five minute walk from the north shore of Manitoulin Island. I could fill an NFL stadium with free driftwood, if I wanted to. I like terracotta as well.

solar clapson says:

Oh, and MILLIONS of fossils, and glacial till.

margaret rees says:

I love your videos!!! I literally bought some terracotta pots 2 weeks ago and decorated them. I used aquarium silicone and covered in sand and small stones. The stone effect looks great. I Love Avery (hope that’s spelt correctly) she’s a daddies girl like i was ☺. Love your videos too.

it's all about nerf says:

Isn’t some wood toxic pls answer

it's all about nerf says:

Hi i was wondering if a electric blue acara can live with angels, rainbows, plecos, cories, and loaches in a 55 g

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