Finding FREE Aquarium Décor

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share with you a way to save some money in this aquarium hobby, by using natural decorations found in the wild! If you’ve seen my aquariums and aquascapes and you liked them… here’s a look at how I get some of my décor free of charge!

Magical Oahu by Mark Redito
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home aqualife says:

Love the natural look, can’t beat it

liquid-nature says:

Looks great lots of good tips in here

Rob Hicks Aquariums says:

lots of great info thanks for a great vid

Donna Graham says:

Interesting video…your music was to loud tho. Lol

okapi323 says:

I’m always afraid of putting things from nature in my tank in case it might release toxins.

Freemans Aquatics says:

Love it its what i did for my shrimp tank i used dead dogwood branches

Makeup Mobster says:

Wish I could find rocks like those where I live. I’m on sand. I live on an island. Don’t let the word island fool you. It is not a tropical island or any type of cool island you’d like to visit! Its Long Island. Any big rocks you may find here were most likely brought here from elsewhere. There’s no rocks like that near the one lake we have or the streams. Those are beautiful rocks.

shng sam says:

thanks for sharing, great vid!

quick tip : a polarize filter in front of your camera might remove the glare.

btw the plant is technically free too, i have seen this plant grow like crazy in river stream near me

Zoo at 113 says:

Awesome video with some great ideas!

heidi prado says:

great video but don’t use the gravel or the roots those are not good for fish i have tried it and it killed my fish

Chris Cichlids says:

Nice video! look really natural

AquariumCop says:

Thanks for sharing ❣

Makeup Mobster says:

Love your videos. I’m a newbie to the aquarium hobby and loving it so far. Your vid’s are very informative. What a cool idea with the roots. Why do you want roots vs. branches?

Shannon Hicks The Cichlid Noob says:

Great video man.

Steve Finestone says:

Would dead branches work in the same manner? Any trees NOT TO USE?

Goonwop says:

good ideas, i would just add that the gravel and wood should be heated/boiled in the oven for sterilization.

Robert Hanbury says:

Face reveal!

twanisha6 says:

Really cool.. I have used natural rocks , but never thought of tree branches!!

James Wilson says:


Ruben says:

For free substrate it looks really good. The root of a tree is really good because of its fine grain

Damion Markham says:

Love it Darius , Thank you so much. Reggae , family , nature ,dogs and fish tanks only thing missing is BBQ .
You are living and sharing the dream!

j03yYunG Aquariums says:

Nice scaping with pieces from the wild.

Phresh Phish says:

Great video D!

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

very nice! great job|!

V. Stag says:

Awesome video thanks for sharing

TheMightyPotato9000 potato says:

really cool ideas, i gone upgrade to a bigger tank and these decorations are really usefull.

wyzemann says:

Dude, this was so much fun! I always suspected you were a nature-man. They say we design all our tanks based mostly on our personality, and you just served as proof to that fact. Authentic tree roots, natural earth made substrate, and hiking through the woods; I now know what the “W” in DWSDARIUS means…..WILD! Man, even the theme music was perfect…I LOVE IT!

Reej White says:

Won’t those roots decay

Uma Shankar says:

I’m also using the Sand from the lake

v blackwell says:

Beautiful and the price is right! How creative.

Victor Baker says:

Fabulous idea but if your going to try it be carful of parasites and disease. Also be carful not to upset Jonny law.

Andi Dang says:

nice video I like your tank

Pete Stockus says:

You say “River rock”. I live in Ohio and near farm land. What are the odds of using rocks out of the field, or found around tunes house?

brother blood says:

My 2 year old pleco just died and i dont know why he has been sick for 3 days well now im about to give the rest of my fish away and make a new natural tank with fish and things from the creek in my yard

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