HELP Prevent Trapped Aquarium Fish | Tank Decorations

HELP Prevent Trapped Aquarium Fish | Tank Decorations, Ornaments | Things to Consider When Setting Up Aquarium

Today we share a few stories about decoration mishaps. We’ll talk about a few tips and tricks to avoid the dangers.We’ll show you how to properly setup your new aquarium and what to consider when planning your aquascape, rockscape, etc.. Fish tank decorations aren’t dangerous if you take the time to consider the size of your fish. Never let a fish get stuck or trapped in fish tank decor again Avoid a fish emergency by considering the things mentioned in the video. We all want to ensure we are housing are fish safely and ensuring care is taken when setting up their aquariums. No one wants to come home to their beloved fish missing. Share your stories in the comments.


Rico Suave says:

Loll she called the police

Corey Hecker says:

ive had fish jump out of tank and die, but thankfully no decoration deaths. Good topic.

Anonymous says:

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ShamuAquariums says:

None of my current tank decorations are even possible to get stuck in now. I hate hollow decorations because sometimes the bottom with the hole would get dug up and fish would go inside then they never come out unless I shake them out


Great Topic…I remember my neighbor used to call for my help when her fancy goldfish got there heads stuck in roman ruin décor…multiple times!

Vijay Sivasankaren says:

Thank you for sharing this important piece of information.

Let me share my story: I have 6 clown loaches in my tank and as everyone who has loaches know that they hide in any spots, between the stone, and what not. During my usual water change schedule and tank maintenance, I removed some lava rocks and kept it in the bucket (without water), and started cleaning the tank. After half hour when I was ready to replace the rocks inside the tank, I removed the rocks from the bucket and replaced it in the tank. To my surprise, there was three loaches running in about quarter of an inch of water… I think that water drained from the rock or I just got lucky. From that day on, I would be extra careful when I remove the rocks out!!!

Subbed… You can check out my tank in my channel!!!

AK Aquatics22 says:

Continued… Inside of a tree decoration I currently have in my tank they were both dried up and dead I was so discusted in myself for letting this happen I had really bonded with these two. At the time they were both about 8-9 inches and amazing little guys so healthy active and happy and then the next minute just dead due to a dumb mistake it still bugs me actually and it happened almost a year ago I just never stopped to think because of their body shape they could fit inside the long skinny branches of that tree a very hard lesson learned.

IFG says:

dope vid

Angie Delgado says:

Im just seeing this video for the first time. I will never forget the day Durp got stuck in the conch. Im glad ya’ll shared my story as a lesson for others. Always be mindful with what you use as decor in the tank.

Jef B says:

I learned that Bash can roll a teracota pot larger than himself around the tank with almost zero effort when I heard it bang into the glass one night. since then I zip tie his pots to egg crate.

electric water says:

great video my redline barb head got stuck in holy rock real rock aswell and I had to slap his head out gentle tough

RobStealth says:

Great informative vid guys!!

KG cichlids says:

great video bud, you brought back the memory lol the frontosa you see in my profile pic was the my big boy…God I wish I still had him…was short lived.

AK Aquatics22 says:

I have had a bad experience myself with a few tank decoration one incident in particular was as bad as it gets anyway here’s what happened. In my 125 gallon tank I keep African cichlids but at the time I had two eels in this tank I had been raising the from very small 4-5 inches I had them for 6 months hand feeding them every day and using a bottle to feed them inside the tank which you can see on my old channel AK Aquatics anyway I was super excited because my 3D background from universal rocks was showing up in a day or two and I pulled all the decorations out and moved all the sand to the front of the tank to prepare for it the background comes and I installed it shot a video of my tank and noticed there were no eels in the video I look all over around the tank behind etc thinking they may have jumped out there was a 55 gallon drum next to the tank I used to do my water changes and I set all the decor on this during the install it happens that both eels were… To be continued.

Michael's Fish Room says:

That is why bare bottom is the way to go! Lol

Mark Quadrozzi says:

great show guys! That was a very important topic that we sometimes would overlook. Lost one of my Jack Dempseys 6 years back to such a situation. I will be staying tuned.

Old School Fish Guy says:

Good stuff, especially about sharp edges but don’t forget, some rocks have sharp edges – most of my fish, that’s not a problem but for some fish it can be

Young Tank says:

Cool video

NEMO20G says:

good informative video!!

Kathleen Coronado says:

My cory cat got stuck in the tube of the sponge filter. I guess a shrimp pellet fell in and he went down for it and could not get back up. When I noticed I pulled the tube off and released him and he is a little beat up from the bubbles but is doing well now. I felt so bad for him and now know that I have to watch where the pellets fall. Never thought of a fish swimming down into the sponge filter tube!

Gary Koseba says:

I had this happen the first time I kept clown loaches I had a decoration and it went up inside and did die unfortunately. this video is very helpful to anyone Shi hasn’t had this happen luckily I learned from that and it has not happened since. great video

Patricia Falk says:

Have had to really watch for various death traps /decorations for my various fish. My fancy purebred Oranda goldfish could get stuck in so many decorations that I finally gave up and had very few things in their tanks. My Bala Sharks are so inquisitive that they too can find many dangerous things I had to remove. . With my present 4 blood parrots and 5 Bala Sharks, I am limiting decorations to pretty plants(both live and fake) and many decorative hiding spots designed for fish to get safely in and out of quickly and safely. Even with all the digging in the sand the blood parrots do, their houses and hides are safe at different angles !! You have to really pay close attention to the possible death traps you might be putting into your tank unknowingly.
Keep up the good work. I love your videos and helpful ideas.

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