HOW TO: All natural DIY aquarium decorations

How to make your own aquarium decorations out of all natural materials.

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TheFrugalInventor says:

Can you make a compilation of your favorite videos? And great video

Gold Chemical says:

Omg my favorite channel

loop 323 says:

I enjoy these videos so much I wish you could upload then every day!.

Oliver Knott says:

funny nice one 🙂

Nic Mellone says:

I love live plants in my aquarium. Although I am not very good at keeping the plants alive

UrNoFuN929 says:

nice, thanks for the idea! freaking cool tank

Paul Chippington says:

Hi Joey great video, I am trialling Devils Ivey in my shrimp and tropical set ups all doing great plus, love plants trailing over aquariums. My problem is my show Cichlid Tank, as I add trace Seachem Cichlid Salt and buffers to the water the plant just doesn’t look as happy. Can you recommend a suitable aquatic plant that would grow in Cichlid set up? Thanks CichlidChip.

Kyle Raines says:

Cmon Joey! This vid was more of a tease than anything else! Let’s see that planted tank series!

MrRvbrown says:

ah man they ate your giant anbus plant!! I like the super glue part never tried that!! thanks!!

limz777 says:

might work if you have arowana alone , a another good way is to hang it on the back , like a backdrop so it wont trap so much fish waste

Mcxarie Monasimban says:

100 th view and 4 min early. BTW I love ur vids!

Rattie Rats says:

rip buddy

Rachel Dolezal says:

Good to see you moving right along on this build. Are the medium clown loach’s coming in the mail this week or next? Their gonna look so good schooling around the bottom!

enticed2zeitgeist says:

Krazy glue in the water? That’s not harmful to them?

Peter Lyberth says:

You do know that your videos are too short right?;-)
Any plans on throwing you fb livestreams on youtube?

ritul rp35 says:

when will u start fancy goldfish ?

Surf&Turf Critter Keeper says:

Love the videos bro

Thaxton's Aquaticz says:

Joey the arowana doesn’t seem that happy in there just seemed like he didn’t touch that food you put in any other time he at least gets a piece or two.

Nhật Nguyễn says:

What kind of Asia arowana do you have ???? Thanks.

Cri Maron says:

DIY videos, such as being overwhelmed is also fun, but is also happy such imitation can likely videos.

Thaxton's Aquaticz says:

Nice Tip Though Might Try This With My Log In Planted Tank

Nagsaw says:

Does your Arowana have a name?

Slim Tim says:

Fired Up Tips for attaching plants to driftwood.

ArowanaMan85 A says:

Been having great luck the last year with Amazon sword inside a hollow pieces of drift wood. Cichlids and Arowana occasionally trim the leaves but other then that it’s been fine. Never seen anyone else grow it this way wasn’t sure if it would work. Seems to multiple more the normal and has stayed small and wide instead of the usually height I get when planted in substrate

Caane Higgins says:

how do you stop bog wood from bleeding ? many thanks

Ruben says:

I know to we’ll what the silver dollars can do in a planted tank. I use to have a few of them and they he just love live plants. nice video man.

Tony Tanti says:

normal crazy glue is safe for fish??

Hassan Alharemi says:

Best aquarium channel on youtube

Game Boy says:

Where do you buy your discus fish?

Jayce says:

Anubias I cannot have in my african tank. My Congo tetra eat it in no time. Every other plant they don’t touch. Maybe try growing pathos roots down one side and just using large rocks and wood. That could look cool.

Randy Farquar says:

I have live plants in with my dollars they leave them alone due to the whole lettuce I add every two days

The fishy one says:

how much would it cost to have have a 300 gallon built just the tank

jem Ogn says:

those who have cat fish in the tank becareful of using string

Kyle Mcfarlane says:

Hey Joey, do you offer an affiliate program for people who would like to promote your DIY book? If yes what’s the best way to get in touch with you. I didn’t see a contact section on your website.

mokre łapska says:

Hello from the other side 🙂 Joey dont trouble Yourself wit the plants in this tank. Just a bit of sand and bare driftwood stickin up on the background. Some catappa or indian almond leaves. It will look awesome.

Ivan Marrero says:

love the channel , little upset in waiting a week for this video

pecktec says:

Wow I can’t believe they ate that! Those guys are ravenous.

Repphibians says:

Hey Joey I’m also from ns and I’m wondering where you got the Java moss!? I can’t find it anywhere

Ayush Bhakta Pradhanang says:

Where can I find Java Moss?

Stanley Tucker says:

I don’t get how subscribers dislike this video

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