Today we turn my uaru aquarium into something a bit more natural. For only 5 bucks, we turn this fish tank into something almost totally different. While this may seem too easy, it certainly is not just for beginners but also a reminder that your aquascapes dont need to be complicated.
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Brandon Mays says:

Slacking on the uploads, it’s been 5 days!!!

Leilani Starr says:

Best experience by far, in the years I’ve been watching YouTube is the one we as member had last night , watching you make a video. The behind the scenes journey was epic !!!!!!!! Thanks Joey!!!

sevdet kukaj says:

Great videos you have thanks! I have a Koi tank with 150 gal tank and it keeps getting cloudy. What rocks can you use for the tank? I used home depot river rocks and not sure it they are helping the tank.

Terence Gander says:

Great as usual Joey

Vanessa De Alba says:

Loved the ending, something different

Gilda deSousa says:

Amazon sells those leaves and that just doesn’t happen for five bucks.

amol vikram singh says:

I want to clean my aquarium myself

Michael Loss says:

What ever happen with the actual DIY PROJECTS?Guess you ran out of ideas.

Donald Johnson says:

Adding the leaves and branches to the tank created an impressive aquatic environment for your fish. Thumbs up to you.

Consider creating a freshwater aquarium with a waterfall using pool sand, natural stones, and a variation of live plants.

Shashank Pothu says:

when can we see ur salt water tank again?

Jesus Montana says:

Mmm titles wrong, it’s how to IMPROVE YOUR ALREADY done aquarium not how to make a natural aquarium for $5

Willow The betta fish says:

What size fish tank do you recommend for a flowerhorn

Beast and Sky channel says:

I hope to keep keyhole cichlids in future.

Debdeep Podder says:

Tank saved!!!

RIseWolf07 0 says:

Hi, Joey, I was looking at your amazing tanks and all the sudden a thot you should get a Dojo Loach just an idea keep up the good work.!!!

wheelycody says:

Do you still have the lion fish?

william amely says:

Thank you for sharing this with us, Joey. Indian almond leaves are great for dwarf Cichlids, Betta splendens and several wild Betta Species as well. I find that my Bettas don’t suffer from Fin rot, dropsy nor velvet. I agree with you Joey, that the leaves need to be changed every couple of week or so because they do disintegrate. There should be many articles on the net that delve in more detail on the benefits of using them. Happy Fish keeping to all. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my brothers and sisters in the USA.

Jarhead Fishing says:

I’ll make you a deal, you make an archor tank and I’ll join for a membership for a year!

Quack Quark says:

How do you maintain an aquarium with leaf litter on the bottom? (love the natural look!) I learned to vacuum the gravel, but that’s clearly not possible here. I probably need to un-learn gravel vacuuming?

Todd W. Stanton says:

Thanks for the positive videos man. You have, when I wanted to end, cheered me up and inspired me to workout again. Thanks again!

BrendanOriginal says:

Always have wanted to do a tannins tank like this, very cool!

cryptotippy says:

5:02 “however, I think people can betta fish from this” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

miekiepiekie1 says:

Oeh this is really pretty too!

mydogrush says:

Can I do this in a fresh water tank?

Fish'n Chips says:

What are those little fish with the red tipped fins I’ve had one for years and just saw more in petco so got another but they Called it a penguin tetra I looked it up and it wasn’t

Heidi Hoglan says:

Looks so good Joey! I love the natural look. Great idea!

Fish Profiles says:

Are all the tanks 120?

Rock Rolla says:

Love your Content

francisco menjivar says:

Where do you buy your leaves

FUNNY SH#T says:

Awesome video

Christian Tyson says:

Jees Joey what are you on

Ben Swann says:

Is there any way you can help. Need some help. I had a heater bust in my saltwater tank and I lost 12 fish in hours before I noticed. I did a 70% water change and still lost 3 more. I’ve had these fish for almost two years. I have moved everything out of the tank. So what do i need to do now to make the tank safe and why did it kill the fish? Please help.

Gilda deSousa says:


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