how to decorate fish tank

There are many ideas to choose
from: Plants in an aquarium are
as varied as they are beautiful
and can bring a fresh dimension
to aquarium decoration as well
as new interest.
Maybe you would like to
consider a more demanding
fish species such as a marine
aquarium, or a biotope aquarium
housing fish from one of the
lakes of the African Rift Valley;
an Amazon riverbed, even a
coral reef in your own home.
The choices are limitless and
with almost any shape or size
possible. As you can see there are some
stunning examples of planted
aquariums and results like these
are within your grasp if you
follow a few basic guidelines.
There are various degrees of
planted tanks: often live plants
are added to an aquarium to
provide interest and diversity
or a place for fish to shelter.
This often means that plants are
specifically selected to meet the
needs of the chosen fish.
In the so-called Dutch planted
aquarium the tank is designed
and maintained for the plants
with perhaps a few smaller
fish added that thrive in this
environment. So, if you want your fish to stand
out and be the main focus of
attention in your aquarium, you
may only want to use very few
plants in your tank. However,
if you are looking to create an
underwater world in which the
design is defined by plants, then
the traditional Dutch tank with
dense planting could be perfect
for you!Aquatic plants, like any kind of
plant, require light and nutrients
to grow. In the light plants
photosynthesize, using carbon
dioxide and water to produce
carbohydrates whilst essential
nutrients like iron and trace
elements are supplied in the
water and the gravel substrate
in which they are planted.
Depending on the plant
types your aquarium may
require daylight lamps. Key
nutrients should also be
added to the water and
gravel and, in densely
planted tanks, perhaps
carbon dioxide levels need


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