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In This Video:
Today I show you all the ins and outs on how to make your own diy avatar floating rocks for your aquarium!


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jean kultasser says:

Did i just see him using super glue to stick an algae ?
Isn’t it toxic ?

capt. chaos says:

the superglue doesn’t make the fish sick?

Brian's Opinion/Comments says:

Thanks for sharing. Looks great.

projit Ghosh says:

That’s awesome……friend keep it up for us

glass cricket says:

FANSTATIC !   The mind knows on bounds.

Sally Ann Beck says:

freaking nice

Tyler Johnson says:

Im jellyfish of that set up lol

Adv Gurpreet Singh says:


VTV SD says:

So, super glue is safe for tanks?

Jaki says:

Do you worry about the fish swimming into fishing line? Can’t it hurt them?


Wicked set up.

LILLY Thomas says:

great idea keep up the creative vibes

SusiQf says:

Hmmm… Couldn’t you sand the pumice stone smooth after shaping and making holes, or is it just too rough of a stone? I’m obsessed with this look. We have 4 tanks… One is a feeder tank, another is a community tank half full of bettas, a few snails, 2 different kinds of catfish, 2 different kinds of plecos and a cherry barb, another tank is full of south american cichlids and cat fish, and our largest tank is chalk full of community cichlids (african and south american), an upside down catfish and a large pleco. Perhaps I could find some medium buoyant chunks of wood… I’m determined to make this work in at least one of our tanks. Great video and fantastic job!!

Tintin says:

I have a question..
Doesn’t the metal hooks affect the water? Like even if it’s stainless it can still rust with time and such..

Catfsihnig says:

i subbed



heather jarrell says:

Very cool

Anand Venkat says:

I boiled the rock still its floating, any ideas

nyinfamous2k2 says:

thats cool as fuck

Philip Murray says:

Should look extra sweet in 6 months after some plant grow out

Joaquin Reza says:

Hi there!
Perhaps you can help me, I’m thinking on puting one or two avatar pomez rock to my 75 galon but I have endlers there… do you think that will be a problem since the endlers are fast swimmers?
Thank you very much!

carolyn woo says:

When he mentions you need pumice…I was like, there is a giant rock on my lawn that is pumice ….. I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING THAT I DONT NEED TO BUY!!!!!!!!!

Janaka Thushara says:


KA2BNY says:

ad avatar wallpaper

Tommy Tse says:

hey love your tank Mike but what is the ph of the tank?

Alex says:

The supergluing live plants seemed a little tacky ha no pun intended. Other than that awesome video, very helpful

Juice CL says:

Where did you get the pumice stone from?

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