Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

This is an interesting way to turn a classic science experiment into a functioning addition to a fish tank. It makes a pretty cool display!

Be sure if you try this to have plenty of water circulation in your tank or the water in the suspended area could become oxygen deprived. There really shouldn’t be any problems if the tank is well functioning prior to adding the new compartment. You may also want to put a wide base of some kind below the supports so the extra weight is spread over a larger area and you won’t risk cracking the bottom of your tank.

I learned the trick with the styrofoam float from this video: #NightHawkInLight

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acquaplants says:


Emil Sørensen says:

Near my home, there’s a pond where such a raised compartment allows the fish to survive winter.

I think the idea is that it won’t freeze over since it’s not exposed to air, so it’ll let in sunlight. I figure there’s more to it – they probably have to circulate the water – but it’s nifty anyway.

Aeolwn says:


Airsoft BBC says:

Interesting. So how long has that fish tank been cycled?

Moses Harry says:

I love this video

Mr WashiSan says:

Very cool

Alpha Bradley Harris says:

Omfg I did it thanks, but my cat got on top of the bowl and knocked it over its a big mess

DoNotPushHere says:

Aren’t the fish annoyed on the low pressure water? If I’m not mistaken, that water is below 1atm, right?

TheHoboWhoSavedJohhny says:


Louis Quatorze says:

The candle experiment doesn’t actually demonstrate the work of low pressure.
The candle simply transforms air into other gases through combustion. The water level only rises because the air in the container, heated up by the candle, ends up cooling and retracting.

Richard Klang says:

Won’t the water get deprived of oxygen

Till Meierhoff says:

Can sb say to me which kind of fish they are?

Martins A little bit of everything! says:

Very cool! I am now a subscriber!

wvned says:

LOL Somebody failed science class.

William Sydney says:

What a brilliant idea

iiPotato says:

What type of fish are those ?

DR1FT K1NG says:

It’s cool but the only problem is the ugly ass blocks you have to use

Terrell Pinder says:

Am I the only one that thinks he looks like will Wheaton?
Also this guy is cool!

kiran telgote says:


Anthony Ortiz says:

Great vid loved it, quick tip for that tank get a bigger filter

Feri Ahmad says:

I’m afraid those little fish would stuck there like forever

Carson Marshall says:

Great video man!!!

Till Meierhoff says:

Which size got the tank? Do sb. have the link to it?

Manula Hewage says:


MrAnderson234 says:

1:23 bro I would suggest pouring the fish in much more gently to reduce stress.

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