Making Beautiful Aquarium At Home For Shark & Oscar Fish

(Sorry its off topic) I Used to have small tank for my shark and oscar. Size of that tank was 15 gallon so i decided to upgrade my tank. This tank was completely made by me . Its a short tutorials for beginners. I am not expert but am sharing what i did and what i can do for my fishes. Right now i have a shark, a pair of Oscar fish and a pair of tin fin and they are happy in their new home. hope u will like my little effort 🙂


Amanjay Chaurasia says:

Or glass ki thickness kitni ha

TurkeyBoy55 says:

still small

Shreyash Dalvi says:

what is that filter used?what is its name??

xCrome says:

Just tell me why evryone is talking about the size. This guy does not have filtrationn!!!!

raj Shekhar says:

bro u used gravel or sand ??

DNA: Dipen Nisar AutoVLogs says:

What is the Glass width . ? 8mm or 10mm ?

Aqua Jeff says:

You need at least 90 gallons for 2 oscars but i’m not there to judge you. BTW can you tell me what food you give to ur sharks?

Amanjay Chaurasia says:

Iss tank ka dimensions kya ha

Muhammed Shahriyar says:

osker mar dege telfil baby ko

Francis Perete says:

What app did you use to take videos?

RR Tariman says:

what do u call that white thing?

Sudipta Das says:

Which shark is this?

Tiger Oscars says:

What kind of shark is that ?

TurkeyBoy55 says:

still small tho

Gaurav Verma says:

Beautiful shark

King Saif says:

Didn’t set any filter?

Ali Tahir says:

For those who are saying size is small and etc. let me tell you 1 thing, i was beginner in this hobby when i made this tank with not enough knowledge. 2nd thing i was not going to keep these oscars and shark for a long time for sure because of there growth. as those were babies thats why that tank was enough for them. I keep changing fishes with a specific time. i dont have any of them right now because i sold them when i observed ” now this tank is not enough for them ” Every one of them was fine, happy alive and enjoyed in this tank for good 2 months and i exchanged them with some Red caps, Kois and gold fishes after that so just relax. also i bought Filter exact after next day.

Kev Williams says:

3 weeks later: “Making Beautiful Aquarium at home, for 10 inch Oscars”


Bhai ye plant konse hai

Koshivyn Alankalee says:

This aquarium is still small.

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