Making Custom Hiding Spots For Aquarium With Natural Clay

An experiment with pottery to make hiding spots for Sashimi


In this video I take clay from my garden and use it to build a custom hiding spot for Sashimi. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get a fire hot enough to fire the clay properly, but it looks like the project was a success. I also modified the whisper filter to make it safer for the fish in the aquarium and I also add some new fake plants.


DarkBacon567 says:

You should get real plants instead of plastic

shoelesblondlady says:

One time I farted at sea world and all the sting rays died

Hattie Nolan says:

The water changes you do, with the new puffers you should really use a siphon, the blood worm will stay at the bottom and decay and create ammonia or nitrate unless you pick it up; if your ph is low, it can kill your fish

Egg Squad says:

Nice…. you have a fish.

Christopher Timaan says:

I smelled burnt clay

Aaron Klein says:

Oh and you need a smaller filter that one that you have is for a 30 gallon tank and you should get a sword tale, guppies well fancy guppies, cory catfish, and maby a bala shark but you cant have it in the tank for a long time sell it if its big or make a pond for it. Your welcome thats the fish i like a lot

shashwat patle says:

Which type of fish sashimi is

Ali Ross says:

Our dirt has very little clay content, so not everyine can just doig right below the dirt and find clay. Although I a lit of people can, its a really cool hide though!

Addison Steppe says:

Shouldve cut off the green part of the sponge 🙂

Aaron Klein says:

Cool tank

Luca Grinyer says:

Huh neat

Leopard Gecko Discovery says:

If your fish is pregnant other fish and the mother will eat the babies

Charles Chapman says:

Hey get a bubbler for more air in the tank it’s much more healthier and helps breathing I see you don’t have very many live to produce enough

Mr Bubbly says:

Tank looks awesome ur a really good tank scaper

Minerva Hernandez says:

You can also plant real plants in the pottery

Veronica Cornejo says:

Btw that is a guppy i have guppys and that is a guppy

Jorge Juarez says:

Good idea but…
The sponge used is actually not the kind you want to add in an aquarium. Use one whit more equally sized holes (none inorganic kind)the one you used Will decompose and leach out chemicals.and need to read more on clay making and art texture.

DarkBacon567 says:

It would look better

Jenny J says:

Came here expecting the guy to throw a 20 dollar clay pleco cave or broken flowerpot in the tank. Truly awesome to see him chuck a huge clay hand formed structure, in the grill of all places, to fire it. Turned out well!

Kady stovall says:

i have the exact same plants in my Blood Parrot tank

Triopster says:

Be careful of tetanus.

Mr Bubbly says:

U have good ideas

not a cat in disguise says:

so many people are saying that you have to do everything perfectly with an aquarium. i have 5 and what you’re doing rn is fine except for not cycling but the fish lived anyways

iDel iQuant says:

Sashimi is holding SpongeBob as her hostage

Deann Cloydde Jandog says:

Were is sushi

SiblingSquad says:

Thinks he’s primitive technology

Mr Bubbly says:

Tbh ur really smart

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