My Resin DIY Aquarium Ornaments

The hand for the “Into the woods” tank came together after a bunch of trial and error sessions. This video goes over the basics. With a little creativity you can make all kinds of cool custome ornaments for your aquariums or other projects.

The stuff we used

A webpage that sells simular items for reef tanks and such.

Pecktec shirts? Why yes its a fun way to help out and a cool shirt.

Find me online here:
Twitter: @Pecktec101
Bumper music by Jayme Gutierrez
Business inquiries and collaborations welcome. Write with collaborate in the subject line.


v blackwell says:

Very nice. Thx for sharing.

Cae Walker says:

Wow, your Father and you sound so much alike

Photojames J. says:

I saw the face at the Chicago aquatic experience, it was really amazing! All the detail that you had in the face was really great! Thank you for sharing how you went about making it. Looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to creating things!

SamanthaR says:

Great video. I really like how the cholla wood trees are looking in the Hand tank in the background.

Johnny Youngblood says:

Thank you so much for making a video like this I really appreciate it keep up the excellent work I watch your Channel all the time

Steven DiStefano says:

Question about the tank you made for your sister a few months back (the title is Mr. Aqua Nano Scape)… what is the name of the store you showed? They had a wide range of rimless tanks and I have been unable to find any fish stores near me that have a selection of rimless tanks. Thank you!!

Gonemadd says:

Nice to meet you at the show.

beelzebub78 says:

if you create a hand sculpture and the fingers are more crooked meaning folded how do you get the resin / plaster into the tip end of the fingers because surely there would be an air gap in there, if you follow what i mean?

Birleanu Cezar says:

Its super nice how u involve all yours family in yours projects! And u father have the same voice like yours only hi is more calm and soft. I wish i still have mine as well ….

Evan Stepowany says:

Great bumping into you, sorry for the random greeting near the shrimp when I saw the dancing man price.

shayna cope says:

Seen a sneak peek on another video the nano category has so many amazing tanks in it GOOD LUCK can’t wait for the video

Buckethead Aquatics says:

I make my own pleco caves with the same stuff.Speciality Resin is a great company to work with.

M Mulder says:

Looking forward to see how u made that mask !

The Nature Guy says:

I didn’t realize that was your tank in the competition. Having the face was very unique and stood out to me. It was nice to meet you.

Millerific says:

As commenting this, I see you standing in line for food at the aquatic experience!

ShellMO says:

so cool!

Challenge the Wild says:

Oooo looks awesome!

Bryan Black says:

I seen a peak of the tank in LR Bretz’s video yesterday it looked really good can’t wait to see the full video on the tank.

Glenn Douglas says:

Hello sweetie. I just received a fluval 6 gallon edge for my birthday. And I was thinking of making a shrimp tank. I’m thinking pumpkin shrimp. And ideas for plants??? I’ll be using organic dirt with top fin gravel.

Good luck on the competition..

Kevin Hayes says:

Love seeing people put their personality into their hobby. Nice to see a new twist on things. Very cool

Luis Miramontes says:

This is actually really cool

CrazyNWildBaby says:

I think I saw you one Challenge The Wild’s live stream. 🙂

Raccoon Creek Aquatics says:

Cool little project. I will try to tune in for the live stream!

AAARGHism says:

Now I just need to figure out how to keep it stiff for 2 minutes.

Lelani Dixon says:

That face us way cool!!

Jessica Cloud says:

Wow! I want to make a hand to go in my tank!

Nike Swoosh says:

Is this actually your tank at 5:56 in the video?

Fishman says:

Very cool! Love diy. That’s one thing I’ve not tried, aquarium ornaments

Scott Summers says:

The head looks like a female Groot! So cool

Fresh water Fish Freak says:

Well…I’m inspired for some of my upcoming projects…love the video.

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