PVC Aquarium Decorations Vol.2 – Ordinary Fish Keeper

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How to Make PVC Aquarium Decorations Vol. 1

I’ve looked all over for tutorial videos, how to’s and/or ideas, to help me out with making decorations. I did find a couple of videos using PVC in aquariums that were functional but not much for appearance. Because I couldn’t find anything to help me with this little problem I had (Not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for aquarium decor.) I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any others out there with this same problem. Since I was already going to be creating something for myself. Why not, just set up my camera, document my work done and possibly help others. I can’t possibly be the only one with this interest… Maybe… Either way, I’m happy with the way it turned out. Please leave any questions about the build, in the comments. Thanks for watching. Subscribe.Rate.Comment.


Jessie Corceles says:


Jessie Corceles says:


Mikey Fresh says:

Good idea for decorations. A fun project that isn’t complicated to diy. I used a Dremel instead of grinder for more detail and easier sanding of the inside lip of the pipe to smooth out everything after grinding. Loads of customization with this idea. Have fun fish people!

Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish says:

What sealer do you use over the weekend ain’t?

gamwpanagia says:

I did spot the fry!
I have a question,is it possible to make rocks,from the sea or river,aquarium safe just by painting over them with acrylic paint?

William Whitmore says:

Not sure about this puting painted objects in a fish tank could be toxic

BEEBO 308 says:

I would disagree with gloves … Better to get a little burn or rub when the gloves could catch in the disk

FreeSpirit Art says:

Absolutely love your work am a handy person myself as well but my biggest concern here is using acrylic paint, also wondering if you coat it with any sealer? if so what sealer do you use? and we know some paints are toxic and was wondering what kind of pain you are using that is not detrimental to the fish or snails or shrimp in the aquarium? would love to hear from you. Awesome work absolutely love watching you work. Thank you!

Fishman says:

Love diy! Nicely done. That’s one thing I’ve never made, aquarium decorations. Have you thought of using pvc cement instead of hot glue. It would bind better. Just a thought. Subbed

bob hill says:

what paint is safe and easily available and how do you earl it so it don’t affect water fish ect

Dawn Graham says:

Does the finished piece need to be sealed?

aruna vetrivel says:

Can u give me the name of glue that is safe for aquarium

let'sNotMakeThisPersonal says:

“Dry brushing” is the name of the technique.

ggin nj says:

had to mute the sound….that sound track was nice the first 5 times, nerve racking after that.

Suzanne P says:

You should mention that you used a sealant over the paint. Maybe add it in the top line of the description or pin a comment saying you use a sealant to prevent the paint from coming off in the water.

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