Quick Tip – Dollar Store Aquatics

Best way to stay in the hobby is to make it affordable.
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Please watch: “Sunday Swim – Feeding Inverts – Fish Fry?”


david hollinghurst says:

You,re a star

Bobbie Riggins says:

I don’t even have an aquarium and I loved this video!!! You’re Awesome!!!

Jayda Kg says:

Funny, I use the Baster and pads too. It’s all about being creative at a more than reasonable price

jeff johnson says:

I bought marbles for my breeding tank got egg scatters,cheapest I found plus they had three sizes,different colours…great

Rely Flores says:

Ty for the money-saving tips! Imah gna follow u! Already subscribed

LiveTheWild says:

Lol awesome video.

I have very fine sand in my freshwater tank and a Turkey baster would be real handy to brush off the sand from the plants. Especially after filter maintenance.

I think I might go to my local dollar store later.

Thanks for the tips!

Mac mAC says:

Dont use the green and yellow dish scrubber.

Shaun Mathew says:

Glad I found your channel. Thanks

Nisha Williams says:

Great Video. Look forward to many more. New subscriber here.

MASS Aquariums says:

Great tips dude

Phyl R says:

That is some tank! Nice! Good info. Thanks. Just watching this got me in a good mood today. You’re really funny and upbeat.

Rose Shadows says:

Green scratch pads didn’t scratch it right away but after awhile my glasses got foggy. Although you don’t see it right away. Long term it can be bad.

emil solano says:

Cool stuff man

Ashfaque says:

Love it…the best thing i took from this vid is the feeder ring out of hydor magnets….great innovation….keep it up brother..

Denny R says:

Great job. Love the video.


Great video.

Dabbie says:

Great video! 😀

Hood Lum says:


Santa Maria says:

Do you know if the rocks sold at the dollar store are safe for fish???

Boo Rosko says:

You’re a hoot. Great video.

Derek Dinh says:

You are a very entertaining to watch and learn from! Definitely subscribing to you. Keep it up

Brendan Hall says:

Too silly presentation.

ChickenBoo2 says:

awesome thanks for vid

Damion Markham says:

Right on Dee, seen you around and finally found you . Just subbed

#Rossy's Corals says:

Great video! you’re my favorite reefer!!! Oh and BOO HYDOR!!! Garbage products and they don’t honor their warranties!

Jonathan Barrow says:

“It gives me agita.” Ha, love it!

Collared Greens says:

5:27 … did you say “Acida” haaahaha

Mad Fish Diva says:

I love this video!

Dan Hiteshew says:

Good video. I get all kinds of stuff there.

Angelo F. Pastormerlo says:

Great guy with great practical information. Any inroads into managing the expenditure of cash in this most gadget-intensive hobby that keeping aqua-critters alive is is always welcome! Thank you, Aqua-Guy!

Pockets Full of Cherries says:

super glue?im sure your fish love the taste of these chemicals…

Sincerely Mine says:

Very interesting video with good info, Thanks!

jr.turtle120701 says:

i was at the mall not long after watching this and noticed a new dollar store. decided to check it out and found a pack of eight tubes of glue for a dollar!

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