Setting Up a 10-Gallon Aquarium : Aquariums & Fish Tanks

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Setting up a 10-gallon aquarium is something you can do on your own, but it does require you to follow a few important steps. Set up a 10-gallon aquarium with help from an aquarium professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Paul Endtricht
Bio: Paul Endtricht has kept aquariums as a hobbyist since age 10, and has been working with them professionally since 2002.
Filmmaker: Elizabeth Hong

Series Description: Setting up an aquarium or fish tank in your home is very similar to owning other types of pets – you need to make sure that you’re following directions and taking care of the tank to keep the fish inside as happy as possible. Get tips on aquariums and fish tanks with help from an aquarium professional in this free video series.


ArcticFox28 says:

Looks like Ben Affleck.

Arjy Bajy says:

Teeth sucking.

Lasheda Little says:

hi monkeys

fat head od says:

what type of sand did he use

Roheem Patterson says:


Roby R says:

how much the aquarium

Sam Eden says:

how much weight can the glass hold?

Sam Eden says:

how much weight can the glass hold?

Zmi Benyamin says:

when do u fill tank with water and put the fish in?

TheArtOfAnimals says:

U were rushing so much (lol)

AnarKie says:

count how much he says “many”

Jannen says:

Just got a 10 gallon for my betta! So happy

Brandon Dulacka says:

So slow. Edit should be about 2 mins.

Bitter_Lemon says:

Idk why but I think this guy sound like Jeb Bush

FabLlama Gaming says:

Wow he is really good at this

Kaige Monroe says:

you said that you should have used the plants I don’t poop head

Quality Content Connoisseur says:

He sounds like Jeb Bush

Nicholas Bennett says:

Real rushed job

Kenny Ryman says:

how many fish can you put in a 10 gallon tank?

hannah-joy walker says:

Will my baluga whale fit in this? He’s out grown his 2.5

Cyc Crush says:

Please answer in a 16 gallon freshwater tank can I add saltwater sand *need to look beautiful. thanks

Jason Dunbar says:

Does my water need to be just below the filter where the water comes out? So it drops down and makes a waterfall type effect so it makes bubbles and also helps aerate the water? Or can it be filled clear up to where the water is coming out and flowing equally which means it’s not making any bubbles anymore it just pushing water around. without bubbles is it aerating anymore? I didn’t like it dropping and splashing and making a mess all over my clear glass lid

Police Doggo says:

What about cycling and testing the ph level?

OHgodmyleg Diogoism says:

YOU HAVE SILVER DOLLERS in the giant tank behind you. Im getting a few or somthing

Unquality Videos says:

Instructions unclear, dick got stuck in filter…

blancolirio says:

Well..he did forget to tell us to rinse things out a bit first, especially the filter cartridge, ya know, to get the carbon dust out. Would be good to mention about preparing a little better for the arrival of the fish, like adding beneficial bacteria for better success. His presentation is a bit too basic for me. Get as much good information to have the tank as ready as can be for the arrival of your little fishies, newbie friends (I am a newbie too)! This is such an interesting hobby.

AcidicTuber says:

Um I am new to the hobby will a blue whale fit in the tank thanks and where do I get one I thought China could hook me up!?

BigBassAddicts says:

How much does this all cost ?

Elliott Blackhurst says:

He’s kinda boring

nathan hunt says:

Harrison ford?

Jack Jordan says:

*Cough* *Cough* AirStone *Cough* *Cough*


This dude kinda talks like Obama.

-Lightning- says:

Would it be a good idea if I put 3 neon teras with a betta in a five gallon?

Kazz says:

Close your eyes and listen to this man. I hear Obama in some parts, and Jeb Bush in others.

Renata Ramirez says:

I’m so happy that at the end he had said how to fix the filter because Mine wasn’t working until I poured the water in

corinahachem pufi1975 says:

i just got a leddy 40

SharkByte says:

Will a 6 foot long shark such as myself fit in this tank?

Tina _ says:


jvr cj says:

that set up looks like it’s for a dessert pet

Tam Lewis says:

Iwas thinking about getting sand but i was told they can inhale it so would my african dwarf frogs. would you recommend using this and will thr animals injest the sand.

Ethan Thompson says:


Denna Marie Valdez says:

Ya he looks like obama



Indira The explorer says:

You didn’t clean anything

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