Tips for Planted Fish Tanks by Blessings Aquarium Shoppe, Pune

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rango 1721 says:

Highly over priced ………and theam of Buddha was not at all a jungle theam….same plants used all over the tank ..there r many plants and all plants do adjust according to the environment….. And most of the plants are tropical …….so it should grow ……and when u say 25- 30 k …..I feel not all can afford it ….plz make some video which ppl can afford and will b helpful to them…..make a video on tetra variety that can b added in a planted aquarium .. wt sand to add in d tank wt fertilizer to add quantity and quality that is available in the market ……etc thnx for D’s video ..keep doing D’s good job

Anirban Chatterjee says:

Very well explained. …

Varun Narula says:

Can you plz make a video of the nano tanks that were available at this shop.
I could see a glimpse of them, they are nice. Plz try to make a video of those tanks woth their prices.

mfaisal bobby says:

Fahad thanks for your videos. Bhai i want to open a good fish aquarium store… bhai can you help me in finding out good suppliers for tanks..accessories.. plants..fishes etc.

Kunal tomar says:

Pahali baar koi ladki pet shop owner dekhi he…And she is knowledgeable too.

Abdul Khan says:

What stones we can use as 2 layer in planted aquarium?

cooking with me says:

What’s the price

Pankaj Padaki says:

I have been to this shop it’s over priced and too expensive the products which she sells are cheap in pune same brand and product

Tanjoy Chattopadhyay says:

Super and very supportive

jadeja giriraj says:

Gujarati Rajkot video fish

shriner leek says:


INFO WIZ says:

Good info.

s.k rider says:

Sir please make videos on snow bell cats for sale

Monik Rathod says:

Bhai wo pwnvel wali aunty jo birds ko feed karati he unka video banao na plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz

Anis Shaikh says:

pune me kidar h.

patelhind18 says:

After watching ur fish video now I m thinking to keep fish. Can you please help for bignner what types of fish I can start from. Jazaka allah kher

jafar shaikh says:

Bohot acha hai vidio fahab Bhai is unpad ka Salam kafi acha se samjhaya madam ne

Day Wølf says:

This shope’s all things price are too high

Aravind Bala says:

Over priced and Amateurish. I have seen better planted aquariums under 8k price tag.

Vishal Khare says:

Hello fawad bhai,
Mujhe plantetion k liye light lena to konsa lui, ya mai direct phone kar sakta hui??

Neha Singh says:

Is befkuf aurat ko bolo bhagwan budda ko fish tank main na rake yeh dahramik chize hai yeh crishtian hai isko isko dusre ke dharm niche dikaana hota hai fhad aise logo ka promotion mat kiya karo aap in chizo ka dhyaan rakha karo

009freestyler says:

How long does pressurized Co2 last for a small tank ?

jadeja giriraj says:

Hamster video

shahbaz shaikh says:

Thanks Fahad bhai for the valuable tips and of course the lady who is so helpful.
@ Aditi mam have you planted hemianthus micranthemoides commonly known as pearl weed in the Buddha set-up? I am referring the plants which are on the left of the aquarium. And is it compulsory to have a high spectrum light and Co2 for this plant? I have a low tech aquarium with anubias golden, Cryptocoryne wendtii, java fern and java moss with a couple of driftwoods. Would the pearlweed survive in the low tech aquarium? I am using 10 watt 2 LED lights and the aquarium is 3ft.

mainak roy says:

I really like Aditi….

All In one about anything says:

Fish kyo Mar jati ha make video

Kantariya Hardik says:


patelhind18 says:

Which type of fish we can on like tank

Victor Stagnetti says:

Go for ADA products for aquascapes. No doubt you’ll have to shed more money, but ADA is the best.
PS: Its Micranthemum monte carlo . Not just monte carlo. LMAO…
Too armatureish lady.

Niharika's Rasoi says:

Can you please explain about your dosing parameters and types of nutrients used.

Abhishek Shikhare says:

Fawad bhai marine fish tank setup par bhi video bano

Leena Nayak says:

do you have courses for a beginne
i have salt water tank for flowerhorn can it sustain plantations

patelhind18 says:

Very nice video jazaka allah kher

Narinder Singh says:

Its looking like hence. Nice drift wood.

Subhadip Ghosh says:

It’s beautiful

Asif Qureshi says:

No one bhaijaan

Mahtab Alam says:

Valuable tips

mainak roy says:

Want to say something… Actually this is very least video about planted tank, want to know many more from Aditi. Like lowlights and highlights plant, or liquid co2 or fertiliser is harmful for fishes or not… A little about fertiliser doses.. Micro and macro. And one more thing Aditi didn’t mention co2 can(Ista aerosol), is it effective or not, So my request to FSA nd Aditi please made a solid video covering these topics… I shall be grateful

notaxforlove says:

Way to over priced, in 30k you can setup one for yourself with pressurised co2

Ganesh Walke says:

Bhai Ahmednagar me bhi ayo

Eyaz Alam says:

fahad bhai aap k awaz ki Aadat si ho gyi h

Anis Shaikh says:

pune me kidar h.

Atharva Deshmukh says:

This was a pretty amazing video for High-tech planted tanks…..
Though the information I found was missing was of different types of plants i.e. Low light plants, High light plants, midground plants, foreground plants.

Although quite an awsome video.

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