Tips & Tricks for Creating an Amazing Aquascape in your Aquarium Aquascaping is the art of creating a layout inside your aquarium that is attractive and functional. When looking at some of the most impressive reef tanks around the world, the most obvious common factor is the use of a successful aquascape to display the corals in such a way that keeps viewers interested.

Today we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you understand how to achieve an attractive and functional aquascape inside your aquarium.

We’ll discuss the rule of thirds, less being more when it comes to how much rock to use, and share ways to plan your ‘scape outside your tank to ensure it’s both beautiful and functional for livestock and equipment.

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Ginny Ward says:

This was very helpful …tons of great info. Thanks for making this video =)!

Young Tank says:

Vary helpful

Pj Pretoruis says:

cool video

Edward Thayer says:

Awesome tip about saving clearance for glass cleaning! I have made that mistake several times!

ReviewCam says:

Great advice, and your kitchen counter is very pretty, too with an aqua theme

Kendra Taylor says:

dude all your info,is great,love it,just Subscribed,thank you so much,keep up all the great vids

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