TOP 10 TIPS for cooling your aquarium!

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How to cool your aquarium in the summer months when aquariums might start to overheat and water temperatures rise.

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lizzyanthus1 says:

Thanks for the tips Joey! Subbed Rachel too. She’s pretty cool.

Emmit Stewart says:

I notice that your exhaust fan is mounted close to the ceiling.  This is helpful because hot air rises. Having an exhaust fan close to the ceiling removes the hottest air in the room.

Shafi Masood says:

i want aquarium 2 metre i will give you 2800 DHS

Chad Carpenter says:

when I added a drip system, I had to turn up by heaters.
so it will cool the tank!

Natural State Kayak says:

sorry this is not related to the video (which was GREAT!!!). I have a 10 gallon planted tank and I want multiple fish, but there is an issue with this…. it’s a 10 gallon tank. what are the friendliest smallest fish, besides neon tetra. THANK YOU for your videos!!!!

mr. man 22 says:

make a DIY gravel vacuum/water changer

Kyle Langlois says:

That chick looks like s cockateil

Kaled harbi says:

I got this question in my mind and am curious to know , i got Fluval water conditioner for a community tank , the Fish are already inside the tank .. could i use Fluval water conditioner while the fish are inside or that would irritate them ?

ArowanaMan85 A says:

Wow quality just continues to go up with your channel over the years. Very entertaining!

Myles Borchardt says:

your one smart dude.

Chris Jones says:

I picked up a small fan with a clip on base and point it directly at the top of my sump when it’s really hot.   It does just enough to keep the temp from getting too high.   The fan does evaporate more water so I have to top off more often.   I also added a window ac unit to the room it’s in which really helps.

Gurpreet Singh says:

I think you should definitely get goldfish and then build the 5 cube tanks to breed them or other fish and do a How to video

Mike Fredrick says:

I tried the small fridge chiller for my 55 gal that is located in my garage. in the tank is a pleco and a koi. both will be moving into my aquaponics  1984 gal tank. fore the meantime I am running into a temp prob. I did the floating ice but that cut own on the swimming area for the koi and was tedious to keep up with.  temp is sitting at 82-86. this caused an algae bloom and that was a nightmare. I found that the fridge with 75 feet of marine hose just did not chill the water enough to cool the tank. since this was a learning experience for me as I will be needing a cooling system for the aquaponics which will be located outside in a greenhouse. my next consideration will be a chest freezer with much more hose. question here….. there might be room for another 25 foot hose in the mini you think that this will increase the cooling affect? I do have a vid of the set up.. would you like to see?

Pet Vlogs says:

Anyone here to cool there axolotl tank?

Madison Erickson says:

When did u film this video? i thought you got rid of the red hooks

PRFishGirl says:

Love the tips!

Kyle Schwanz says:

Good timing on the video!! My garage tank has been about 10 degrees hotter than normal and I’ve been struggling to cool it

Something's Fishy says:

I am wanting to start getting discus and have a load of questions if anyone can help I would appreciate it

MCFlawless11 says:

Thanks for these tips!

Dileep Hm says:

you ended the video very well.

Harry Hathaway says:

How about using a beer chilling method ? First buy a small dorm type freezer and drill 2 holes in it for a supply and return.Make a tight coil of 1/4″ to 3/8″ copper tubing and install in freezer. submerge pond pump in aquarium hook up feed to supply of copper coil and watch it work. you could get fancy and add a thermostatic control device but I don’t think you’ll need it. By the way I am by no means an authority on aquariums . I just happened to pick up a 55 gallon aquarium somebody’s throwing out and I’m thinking about putting pond fish in it and I got on his video here I thought of this method.

Victoria Vigilante says:

But what kind of bad things can happen if your aquarium is too hot? I understand that the fish probably wont like it, but is there any other downsides?

Laura says:

I ❤️ Rachel!!! Great vid peeps!

Rohit Rabade says:

Hello bro
I have 17 inch silver arowana , i want also add silver dollers …

Which size dollers minimum need?

Can how can i put dollers ?
Also arowana there i dont want my aro eat dollers 😎

MsArtemis01 says:

Going to try the frequent cooler water change and see if that help my problem with my tank. My plants hate warmer temperature in my tank. Since I don’t have an AC in my bottom apartment, it can become challenging at times to keep the apartment cool. So water bottles and water change seems like the least expensive way. Thanks.

gobi venkatesan says:

hey I got a new idea…. 😀 we can use velcro mosquito net as a lid for large aquarium. easy to open and close.. try it

2 2 says:

pump radiator fan?

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