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Mike Gilbert says:

I have a two-part question just started up a 65-gallon ( tall ) tank been out of aquariums for about 15 years and started a 15 gallon and a 65ga, 24″ tall tank I want to raise guppies and plants in.
I already have gravel in place and have almost finished cycling the tank
1st question… is I have a satellite freshwater LED it’s 18w 1000 Lumens, 65000k of white LEDs 24 RGB full spectrum LED will this be good for growing plants? Or is the tank too deep?
2nd question is since I’m running an undergravel filter along with a hang on and sponge filter will it hurt the plants to vacuum the gravel??? Or should I get some type of terracotta pots to put my plants in?
thanks for all you do and any advice from anybody would be helpful, thanks again guys and gals!

ErSlickVic says:

Good to know. Ive had a fresh water tank for about 3 years. Just bought fluval 3.0. gona start with some easy to grow plants and dose excel and see how it goes.

Tortuga Moon says:

Please! For the love of God. Please don’t walk around like that while you’re recording. It made me feel sick and I could not focus on what you were saying.

nathalie i says:

what about ikea planyledbulb ?

JH_Monty says:

do you need ferts and CO2

Yogesh Chandakkar says:

can you guide in DIY led lights as they are very very expensive to purchase? would appreciate if you could…

Jose Montalvo says:

You got to lighten up on the coffee before getting on You Tube! I practically had to play you in slow motion to hear what you said. No doubt about it that you know your business. Thank you for sharing! Enjoyed watching! Remember, it is not a race!

Hannah King says:

Thank you so much. I quit smoking three months ago and fish and plants are my new hobby. I put three aquariums to use and I’m clueless. This helped so much.

BP Y says:

Stand still you plank.

CrashFu says:

I made the mistake of using ordinary aquarium gravel in my 10 gallon, and I’m worried that the Banana Plant and Amazon Sword I put in there won’t thrive. I’m wondering if I could move those plants into some sort of planter (filled with Fluval Plant & Shrimp) to create an isolated spot where they’ll grow well, so that I don’t have to replace all of the gravel? Or could I gradually swap out the gravel, a little at a time?

Andrew binns says:

I love the iquatics double and if you could do a review and see what it would grow


I was over here thinking that finnex lights were awesome -_-

Stan TheObserver says:

I added Lemon Grass to my tank. You might try hydro style growing of plants to eat with underwater plants for looks. I might try Basil the Angelfish swim in its roots. Why not?

Daily Dodo says:

This video has 666 likes

Mohamed Ilyas says:

He is a great aquarist…

hlen wýle says:

how long do I need to light my tank

Chris Kavallos says:

Do you guys ship plants to Canada?

TheJoseprds99 says:

Where are the fish

j 3 says:

Dudes hands look gross af,,, no man’s hands should be that soft smooth and thin

Nich Wilson says:

Great job’ answered all my Questions, Honest knowledge! but you go to slow it down a bit keep it steady. ;).

Jose Montalvo says:

It is hard to watch this vid on a big screen TV. I had to switch to my iPhone because, Stay Still! I enjoy watching, but I’m dizzy!

luvmywetpets says:

Good video too much too fast.

Cameron Pubben says:

What if you need to use co2 because your pH and kH is high and your co2 content is 0.2ppm

ahmad seddigh says:

How you can control humidity level in your house with these much tanks? I guess your house is full of mold!!!

teecee90 says:

Stand still .…… urrrgh.

Sharon Bendtsen says:

You talk really fast. It’s hard to keep up

Mark Shannon says:

What’s your thoughts on the Current USA Satellite plus Pro ?

ZXBilly says:

As you are an aquarium plant growing specialist for retail purposes, i don’t get why you grow in tanks? Why not hydroponic/aeroponics? You can guarantee your plants will be pest and algae free to your customers then and your costs are smaller as you don’t have to maintain as many aquariums. You can grow and propergate them quicker too. Almost all the plants in the hobby grow well out of the water. You would only need a couple of tanks for those that need to be in water. That’s how retail plant specialists do it here in Europe.

Plants grown out of water are much better quality in my experience (free unlimited Co2 right?) I no longer buy plants kept in tanks if i can help it. Just hydro/aeroponically grown or tissue culture.

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