A New Diffuser for Radion Lights and a Closer Look at the XR15 LED | BRStv Investigates

In this week’s episode of BRStv Investigates, Ryan takes an in-depth look at the EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 G4 LEDs! He shows you PAR output, gives mounting recommendations and provides you with tips to light your tank with this high quality LED fixture. We even have a surprise of what may be coming in the near future for Radion Lighting.

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Today on BRStv, we have a brand new episode of our series, BRStv Investigates. In this series, we explore popular reefing theories, products, methods, and what the manuals are missing, with a focus on putting them to the test!

With so many questions about what lighting is the best for our tanks, trying to determine the best lighting for SPS dominant tanks can be pretty difficult. Here on BRStv Investigates, we aim to answer those questions for a broad range of lighting options and dive deep into each one to provide you with more information than you could ever find on the packaging!

This episode sheds light on the Ecotech Marine Radion XR15 G4 and giving you more detail about it than has ever been provided before!
We even received a gift from Ecotech Marine of a new prototype diffuser that is a real game changer. We think the new upgrade will change how LED lights are used on reef tanks. If you want to see how the Radion XR15 performed with the diffuser make sure to watch!

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baseballhunter42 says:

So how does everyone feel? Diffuser or no diffuser? Anyone buy and end up switching back to stock?

BulkReefSupplyCom says:

We want to know what you think about this new prototype from EcoTech; join the convo on Reef2Reef! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/we-got-a-sneak-peek-of-something-huge-for-radion-lighting.322187/

Nick Mcalpin says:


Fish Kid says:


Marine Life says:

I really want one of those lights but they are expensive

alex .asian says:

which is a better choice:

1. 2 Kessil A360we

2. 2 Radion xr15 pros

going over a Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L

Primo Primo says:

What about ai hydra hd ?

Marine Life says:

Where do I sign up to win a light

Selim Seven says:

I got the Radions. When are the diffusers coming out?

Deacon Erin Kirk says:

I enjoy your videos on products it’s good to be able to see your videos before purchasing

A. grandis says:

Oh man… they are trying to imitate the Phillips fixture to improve some, but there is still no comparison! Aways inventing something to make the US market flow…
This is what they are trying to imitate:

Esai Vergara says:

Honestly, I wanna see you guys do a PAR test up to 20″ in depth on the Kessil A80. No one has any information on it. At least not enough.

Nate Owen says:

Is the a160 in the queue to be tested?

Ryan Thompson says:

Funny how something so simple can change something so drastically. I still have no plans to change from Gmann MH/T5 fixture but it is good to know there is an option out there that I would be happy with.

Hopefully they are reasonably priced for those that have already invested an arm and a leg to have Radions.

Ms. Reefer Foxx says:

Sorry, but anyone can add a diffuser to their LED light. I suppose the only thing that would make this light superior comparably, is the absurd control over spectrum that nobody uses.

Reza Valipour says:

My tank size is 27″ x 27″ x 24″ lps dominated tank with less demanding sps, whether is enough for me that will go with one xr15w pro g4?
I’m waiting your response.

Michael Ornellas says:

Let’s see a video or series on moving a reef tank. As in owner moves across town vs across the room vs across the country. Also a second in depth of nightmare scenarios. hit on what to do for a major rank failure i.e. Split seam, pump failure, kid dumps lots of food in, etc.

Johnny Sniderhan says:

would you recommend these over xr30 pro’s on a 125 72-18-22?

Tim Harris says:

As professional photographers, we use diffusers 90% of the time with our lights or even in daylight so the results were reasonably expected in both look and PAR loss. It’s just great to see someone coming to market with both high quality lights and diffusion. Great job BRS!!

Gib P says:

So, it is a few months shy of 2 years from week 22 of the BRS160 where you asked if the LED/T5 hybrid is the new gold standard. Does this now suggest there is a new new gold standard?

Fish Kid says:

I have a question. Are storms in your tank actually beneficial for corals? {please make a video for this. i love to watch you guys you help me so much and actually i am 11. and i love love love marine biology. and i have a 29 gallon reef tank}

googIereallysucks says:

Can you tell me what was used to hang the lights? The black rails in particular.

Cary Suttles says:

So if I am running the SPS AB+ profile, with intensity at 50%, does that mean my par readings should be about half of what you measured on the SPS AB+? No diffusser involved

Ben Moretz says:

Looking at for my 120g. I’m thinking 2 of these with some t5 for alittle evening out. But idk I like my MH

Ryan says:

Hey BRS!   Thanks for the great videos as always!    Was this a 48 x 24 tank?   The graphics say 40 x 20?

Ivan Santos says:

Can’t wait for the diffusers to be released. I hope they aren’t too expensive. The light is already pretty expensive on its own plus the mount and Reeflink.

No5 says:

pls pls pls do a review on the Maxspect Ethereal lol

Clayton Jessup says:

Thank you so so much to help me decide on which route I’ll most likely to go with which is multiple XR15PRO’s over my tank . Thank you BRS …

Greg Norman says:

Excellent information Ryan!! I am very happy with my two XR15 lights over my 30 inch deep tank!

Chris K says:

With no fan do they over heat or get hot?

Inappropriate Reefer says:

Finally! I was trying to DIY diffuser with frosted window film, lol.

Johnny Clulow says:

Ryan, great video!
Question, these diffusers. I don’t understand how they’ll work on an XR30 as they’ll block the fan wont they?

Bob Ellis says:

It makes me wonder if the Radions with the diffuser can be lowered to give back some of that PAR and still maintain a decent spread??

David Lacey says:

So I was expecting this lighting test would be like your fuge test. Literally a side by side comparison of a range of lights growing same corals

VallejoVibes says:

WOW great video! love all the details you really put to the test! I’ll be picking up some of the new diffusers when ecotech releases them 🙂

Fat Headed Fish says:

May have missed it but what percentage are the lights being run at the beginning of the video on the ab+ setting? I currently have 2 xr15s running at 65% over a tmc900 and just put sps frags at the top of my rock scape, wondering if I should push the percentage up.

Cam J says:

6:06 – Ryan says 4 ft tank but data says 40″ tank – which is it? Thanks

Broke Budget Reef says:

What would you suggest for my type of tank mixed reef with mostly sps. It has a center rock that branches out. It is a 30wx30dx25h.
Here is a link to a quick video of the tank https://youtu.be/iEGTfeb9w4A thank you very much for you time keep up the great work!!

The Reef Dork says:

With the diffuser, would you say this is as good as the Kessils for shimmer?

Rasmus Kok says:

Why are you never looking at the AI hydras? There is so many users out there.

CreepyMonkey HeadGame says:

I have A4 stage Rodi unit not a bulk resupply one but one I picked up for my local fish store when I first got into the hobby I researched so much before even getting into the hobby this channel really helped me get into the hobby an RO water has been the best option for anything in this a hobby but I wanted to upgrade my for stage into a five stage do you sell the canisters separately?

gflinski says:

Yes! This video came at just the right time! I have almost the exact same setup they were testing; 24x24x24 cube aquarium with a single radion gen 3 pro and wanted to know what my par would be and how high I needed my acros vs my LPS corals in relation to eachother. I didn’t want to pay for a par meter so this is exactly what I needed. My green slimer has been doing good at the very top but I wanted to know if it needed more light and this video answered my question.

Justin Cole says:

Can you do a video on the difference between the G4 XR-30w vs G4 XR-30w pro and if the higher price is worth it?

Espacio Marino says:

hi BRS family, thanks for all your videos. I have a question, I hope you can help me, I want to set a cube (24″x24″x24″) with one xr15 G4. mi question is this: using the RMS tank mount, at what high my XR15 would be?. and in the video you said  you test de XR15 in 6″,12″ and 18″, that is from the surface to the xr15, or from the bottom of the tank to the XR15?. thanks for your time

Bob Ellis says:

Nice I can’t wait to try out that new diffuser for the Radion’s…

thomas hudson says:

This looks great. For a newby what 120 gallon tank would you go with?

Robert Fowler says:

I just ordered 2 XR15’s for my red sea 350 after watching your video and they should arrive today. I’m just now re watching the segment where you go over par for a 4ft 120 gallon tank. In the video you say its numbers for a 4ft 120 gallon but at the bottom left it nots that the test tank is a 20” x 40” tank. What one is it? I’m concerned that I should have went with 3 light instead of 2. thanks in advance you guys rock!

Justin Stuart says:

Any idea if the diffusers will be compatible with the gen 3?

Gb J says:

Im not sure why all these various led companies have not made more lights with various diffusers and other shapes of the light fixtures body to blend leds better..

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