AAP- Air Diffuser vs. Airstone | Airstone Review

A air diffuser versus air stone. Airstone Reviews or what is the best airstone for aquarium.

Notice the fizzing from the diffuser. That’s the key difference. Both do the job, but the diffuser does more mirco bubbles, which mean more surface area breaking surface tension.

Please considering supporting true aquatic professionals and also support the patented ATI sponges. Not the China knock offs that are a couple dollars cheaper.

ATI are 5x better in the amount of bacteria they’ll hold and are USA made. Lets keep the aquatic industry moving forward and not give it over to cheap Chinese law breaking large business.

Much more information about ATI Hydro Sponge:

Resource for purchase:


BayouGoldfish says:

Ha! I just set up 2 quarantine tanks with these sponge filters. I have the one inside connected with an air stone and the one outside with no air stone or diffuser. I find the one without an air stone sounds like a babbling swamp, lol. Great video! I love reading the articles on AAP website. Lots of good info and great store!

wyzemann says:

Do the diffusers deteriorate faster than airstones?

48tomw says:

Good stuff as always Devon,I just got an ati sponge filter to replace the cheap pos knock off I was using and what a huge difference in the sponges ability to suck in water. The knock off was so bad that when I removed it and squeezed into a pail of water very little gunk came out as if it was brand new!One more thing your articles and guides to redox and all that encompasses which is basically an electrochemical battery in a water box has been very helpful to my local group of fish nerds ,3 times now I’ve given 1 hr talks at my LFS and folks are loving it. I recommend your site to others as much as I can,it can be hard though sometimes to get folks to settle down and ditch all those terrible internet social media myths and disinfo but I keep on pushing that rock up hill anyway! I don’t do it on facebook at large anymore, just amongst the locals here in my hometown face to face which I like more anyway,context doesn’t get effed up so bad when you share face to face!

AQUA NUT says:

cool vid man

Anthony Romano says:

Mine didn’t come with the diffuser.

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