Should you have an airs tone in your aquarium.
If you want to put an air stone in your tank get some now.

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Arthur Sabounjian says:

It looks like you green screened you’re tank into the video.  Why does the background look like a shaky curtain?

kc0dxf says:

Do air stones remove CO2?

Tony Simsek says:

Man what a difference! My fish love it!

666baraka says:

air stone or co2 diffuser??

Terry Foldy Holes says:

dude. water agitation gets rid of CO2 so fast your plants will go yellow before your eyes. unless your tank is tall and thin with very limited water surface area (as oppose to regular flat and open tanks with a relatively large surface contacting the air), you don’t need to do anything about O2 in your tank. overstocking can cause O2 competition so don’t overstock your tank even if it is a planted one.

Strati Hrousalas says:

Do you turn your air stone off at night ?

cutie pie says:

air stones are great for water circulation, air for fish + plants and visual interest .

fin doe says:

dude are you green screening this shit?

pothuss says:

i have an air stone in all my tanks. you forgot to add that it all so adds some co2 to the water. because co2 is in the air to. all my tanks are low tech. and i find my plants do much better with an air stone running on them. thats just my opinion

Aaron Le says:

Great tips.

Randy Crick says:

In my opinion this is a bad idea Nutrients and lighting are critical.Any filter will create surface agitation that will allow 02 FOR YOUR PLANTS.Too much aeration will release co2 which is critical part of photosyempasis I have had planted tanks for 50 years

Steli Krystev says:

man i sooo mutch whant to have acuarium but in bulgaria this is inposibal its too expensiv to have one 🙁

Jacob Perez says:

I have a planted tank where i have a volcano in it. Generally i run the red light/air at night and I’m have a hard time deciding on whether or not i should keep the air pump running at all and if it benefits my tank. Any advice?

TriniRCmodels says:

hi can i run an airstone and co2 together like during the day and night for air and not co2 at night i need help

Gina Rodriguez says:

I’m just starting the hobby. Very nervous. I’m going to get real plants soon. Haven’t got fish yet either just trying to get my tank cycled first. I have a 20 gallon with a big ship with a air stone with lots of bubbles and a long air stone that lays on the bottom. Control valves where do I put them if I need it. Please give me your in put. Love watching you. I’ve see all you videos. Trying to figure out how to send a pic of my tank but don’t have fish or live plants yet. Thanks again have a great day. Gina

John Zimm says:

If I don’t want the extra bubbles in my tank, or an air stone … Do you think it would add O2 to the tank if I put the air stone down in the sump? Would it oxygenate the water and then would the sump pump pull this oxygenated water to the tank?

Anna Metlow says:

I have a question it’s always 80 degrees in my house do I still need a heater for tropical fish in a freshwater tank

che350z says:

People thinking he green screened the tank? Man they on drugs. Obviously it’s a real fish tank in the background. Great tips. F the haters

Catherine Belek says:

Would you still recommend having an air stone if u have a wave make running already?? I have a 100gl planted tank.

Justin says:

Have you ever tried the Top Fin Aquarium Air Stone Disk? And if your running just one or two air stones do you need to get the one rated for your tank size or will just a Tetra Whisper 20 UL Air Pump be enough ? It’s for a 40 gallon breeder.

dfzurichch says:

Well done. One tank I have an air stone I think five inches long and a hang filter works well. It’s a tall tank 20 something gal. Just gravel. Just want to get more plants. Not all in one day. In my other tank 30 gal tall. Dirt substrate 250 Eheim and a 250 power head also move the head around at each water change 25 to 50 % each week ( no dead zone ) good surface movement in both tanks. In my 30 I have more of an algae problem. I use a T5 for 5 to 6 hours. Just wanted to pass on what I’m doing and it’s working. Well done.

Toguro says:

i have a penn plax diver and with whisper air pump in my 5 gal and it created huge bubbles is and creates a alot of surface agitation do i need finer bubles i also have a hang on the back filter is this good amount o2 in my tank i only have a 2 inch crayfish

Lflower1 Stars says:

Is having an Airstone and a diffuser too much?

Barabasi Istvan says:

powerhead do the bubles very good!

Mike Vormwald says:

When air bubbles break the surface the gas exchange equalizes both O2 and CO2 between the tank and the atmosphere (there is both O2 and CO2 in the air – actually more CO2 than O2!).
I have a bubble bar running 24/7 on one end of my 60g low tech planted tank and let algae grow behind it (as a pseudo algae scrubber). Lush plants and happy fish!

rox45thexiii says:

I have two bubble bars in 20gal which are covering the back of the tank. Does too much O2 in the tank affect CO2? I have few plants in the tank as well and I have about 25 fish in it. Fish are doing fine but at the same time I would like to promote the growth of the plants.

d00bie says:

yeah i have an airstone in my aquarium, a small one that goes in a scull that blows large and small bubble bobble! ^_^ I also have the oneway-valve. it’s a must! now i have 2 exits on my airpump, and im thinking of adding another long airstone to it. also i have ordered an airstone to my 100L wich basicly now just have airflow thru the filterpump. there ive ordered a long stone but they where out of oneway-valves so i have to go to the local to get that but at the same time i will see if i can fint that adjustment controller you where talking about, i do have 2 options on my pump wich gives small flow or full flow tho 🙂

Mark says:

I’ve got the smallest air pump there is but it gives out crazy big bubbles. The one I got I think is for 10G tanks or less, any ideas why they’re giving out so much power? Im using it on a 30G tank. I’m looking for these nice small bubbles that barely disturb the water but give it that nice look, just can’t seem to find the right air stone for that.

ReBootEnzo says:

Also as a suggestion – if you use dirt substrate such as Aquasoil or Stratum, then place some wood or rocks around the air stone to prevent it from stirring the substrate. I have my filter intake and air stone in the corner of the aquarium with betta rocks underneath.

Nancy Dee says:

I so wish air stones were a good idea (I’ve seen your update comments) cause I really just love the way they look but dangit I want my tank as healthy as possible…

Mark says:

I have my water sprite in the way of the water flow from my air filter but not too close. Is it bad for the plant or is it even a big deal? Its nothing crazy but I know some plants don’t like that I heard. Its just a lil water flow that moves around the w. sprite stems. Any ideas?

Cori Elemental says:

So if you’ve “learned since” then this video should be removed. Because before I read the comments, you had me convinced that an air stone was a good idea.

Please remove this if it is inaccurate.

Jack Wilson says:

I just had to remove a 3 – 4 inch Ciclid (brown, looks like a Jack Dempsey) from my tank.  He started terrorizing a few other fish.  What do I do with him?  I would love to give him away nearby.  Is there a way to find people who might be interested.  I live in lower Westchester County, just above NYC.

Keenie says:

When it comes to submerged filters, I allways see them being plase on the short sides of the tanks, is there a reason why? I have a Fluval U4 in my 42 gallon tank, I check the water every weak and filtration is very good but I still have small debri floating around in the tank. My filter is on the rights side of the tank but I was thinking why not put it center on the long side, filtration intake is on both side of the canister so wouldnt that be more sufficient way to get water into it? I allso keep getting green spot algae and a little brown algae on the glass and I just cant get rid of it. even with reduces feeding and ligh time to 7 hours.


Don’t need it in a heavy planted tank

baybay kid says:

Thanks this vid was so helpful I just order that piece u said I’m glad u spoke on it like your vids keep it up bro

slash boom says:

by the way its the first rule to place ur pump above water level so i dont understand why the back flow control valve mmmm .

Giorgos Tsagos says:

May I suggest to put the check valve above the water level and not close to the air pump. I had an accident that somehow and it was disconnected… water was leaking in my living room. Just keep that in mind

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