Amp Up the Flow in Your Aquarium | Flow Swing Product Review |

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Eliminate dead spots in your aquarium, with the crazy-affordable Aquatic Life Flow Swing!

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muntedtoe says:

Im sold on this but would this work in a juwel rio 300?
i also have the juwel 3d background so the im not sure how the suction cups will work,maybe if i just jam in the corner?

Duc2 says:

Bought the 1″ model, ran for about 4hrs, then started hanging. Be interested to see how long they lasted other buyers

Em09 says:

oh man i need this on my 125 gallons cool man thanks

Drugstore film is the best says:

When you want this for your tank, but you have a 10 gallon, a betta, a power filter rated for a 20 gallon, and an air pump. This would make my flow go crazy. My fish would hate that. Probably good on a large community tank with common fish like guppies, plates, caries, et.c. I can see a good looking angelfish tank here.

Mr. FishPlants says:

can someone subscribe to me starting my channel and need subs

J___ _ says:

I’ve heard you can’t have saltwater fish in a 10 gallon tank. Than I have seen people who have about 3 Damsels in a 10 gallon. Should I get a bigger tank?

Andy G says:

I love your videos! lol now I want to buy this product!

Logan Valitine says:

which flow swing well work best for a 30 gallon long tank with soft corals plz replay

FishyMats says:

It’s 40 here in Canada… Nice to know you doubled the price for us…

1234567 says:

Great video

coolwater411 says:

Will that create too much water movement for a 2.5 gallon?

Muizzuddin says:

Does wave maker do the same job?

lazy guy aquarium says:

hey thomas, when you hook this up does it twist the pvc/tubing that you attach to it or does the connection remain stationary and just the output move?

Richard James says:

You can’t kill dead spots, they are already dead

Flynn's Fish Forum says:

Where can u get a big als hat?!

Maureen Foley Cioni says:

On my RES turtle tank the input is above the water level to create more 02 and a flow. Would this be better? Also I bought a power head from another video you did for the other side of the tank to continue the flow. Are you now saying those are not useful because of how dirty they get? (which is really dirty)

J. Cruz says:

Will this work on Hydor Pro Canister Filters?

Paul Kennedy says:

Can I attach this to a duck bill type outflow?

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