API CO2 Booster Review

API CO2 Booster Review

API CO2 booster is a product designed to replace gaseous CO2 in your aquarium and promote growth of aquarium plants. In this video I discuss my opinion of API CO2 booster and its effects on aquarium plants.
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Hank Curtis says:

…if it isn’t add enough co2 in your water…ADD MORE IN

Thomas Pridmore says:


zeler00 says:

Do you have any issues with that bichir going after your rainbow fish?

Gelber Schwamm says:

What fish is that dark big one in the bachground behind the piece of wood

Martin Gamino says:

I use this product and it has given me good results, I used to buy Flourish Excel but it would kill my vallisneria and hornwort why? I don’t know so now I used both depending what kind of plants i have in my tanks, I have quite a few tanks and using CO2 in a tank would be pretty expensive, both work but I never had a problem with the API brand .

David Casillas says:

it’s like $6-8 out here in the US where I live ha.

Kaiser Frost says:

Oh so THAT’S why I have black beard and hair algae when I never had before. Well, Seachem Excel it is then from now on.

Quantum Aquatic says:

Wonder if u can answer this its new to me. Before I used api stresscoat + but now I use seachem prime same stuff on dechlorinating but also detoxes ammonia and removes nitrates and nitrites. My plants started to die off slowly after 2 months using prime, cause plans take in all the nitrates and ammonia right?

Kathleen Monsegue says:

do i have to add other nutrients into the tank besides the co2 booster, since I won’t have any goldfish in it.

Kathleen Monsegue says:

can you use this without having to buy a co2 complete kit?

jerome reyes says:

Can I replace it for carbon dioxide gas form??

zeler00 says:

Interesting… I’ve been using it and it has helped my plants grow and I have for sure had no negative effects from it. Then again I also haven’t used any other kind of liquid carbon. The only other brand I have available to me is FLORISH. Which I might try them to compare effectiveness.

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