Aquarium Co2 Diffusion – The Ultimate Aquarium Co2 Guide – Part 5

We talk about aquarium Co2 diffusion and all the options you have for diffusion Co2 into your planted aquarium. Part 5 in the Ultimate Aquarium Co2 Guide for planted tanks.

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Nick Belkin says:


TheLoachGuy says:

I always use that in tank mister!

QuLiBangunan says:

iam running inline diffuser with my eheim 2213 filter.. and i’ve got big bubble out from my canister
and when i pull off my co2 hose the diffuser is full with water then leaked..
really appreciate if u could help me.. thanks

benzjamin13 says:

I have an in-line diffuser and I have my spray bars pointed slightly downward. If I went with a lily pipe, it points slightly upwards. I feel that having point downwards gives more time for the CO2 dissolve into the water. Does it matter? Been thinking of getting a lily pipe.

Jonathan Escamilla says:

I know you’ll make it big

Craig D'Attilo says:

You going to the Aquatic experience this year in New Jersey?

kunal mhatre says:

Thanks for the information. Very helpful.


Great info boss.

Nándor Keresztes says:

Quality video as always! Thank you

reel's tanks says:


Rommel R says:

I ❤️ u too man! Very good discussion about diffusion.

urraperes says:

Also a Sunsun jup-01 works great in my 75 gallon with the DIY system

QueAquatics says:

Love your videos man!!!

Andrew Cruz says:

You have been the best around explaining every process. I have always found myself buying stuff on amazon and a couple hours later I watch your videos and I have to order the stuff you recommended. Amazon has been getting a lot of return from me lol. I would learn by now to watch you before I order. SMH

peninsulamike says:

Great information. I’m setting up a 125gal with co2 setup, I’m using pressurized co2, I know the main objective is to circulate the co2 thru out the tank. What do you think about either putting an in tank diffuser disc just below the intake tube of a hang on the back filter or just inserting the co2 tube (no diffuser) into the sump of the hang on the back filter, seems like that would circulate the co2. I’m running the seachem tidal 110. I do have a few canister filters running also, external inline diffuser would work, but I just was looking for less places a leak may happen.
Thanks for the videos

Aria C Bramanta says:

Co2 diffuse much easier than Oxygen and forms carbonic acid H2CO3, won’t it makes the water more acidic?

Thomas M says:

Great video again. I got my setup for the 20g but until i get my diffuser in I’m running it passive in a gatorade jug lol

Tampa Tom says:

What about using a never clog air stone in stead of a traditional defuser. The defusers I’ve tried clog up to fast.

Dope Aquariums says:

What brand of defuser you recommend because I’m have a shit load of problems with defuser.. they only work few months and they start tripping

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