The long awaited “How to” on setting up a Co2 tank & regulator for your aquariums. Get your planted tanks growing lush a lot faster.


Mike Yak says:

Solid video. In a 75g dosed tank would you put your sponge filter on a timer if you also have a canister filter running? Or would you up the bpm to get the saturation? Thanks keep crushing it.

paducahFishFan says:

Curious your thoughts on a PH regulator as a way to prevent your fish from getting gassed and putting in a fail safe.  Good video.  Thanks for doing this!

PPGWave2.3 says:

Yo dude this is a really good first look at how to do CO2 >:-]

Tshirtsmithy says:

Hi I bought a plant growth system 60 , it’s a disposable co2 system, the first day I filled the chamber to the recommended amount and about an hour later the tank was full of little air bubbles but since then wen I fill the chamber it goes down a lot slower sometimes I still got some left at the end of the day,also I can see some really tiny bubbles but not many of them and they don’t stick in the tank , is this normal ?

Christian Salgado says:

Hi I’m new to this whole co2 thing and planted aquariums, and i was just wondering is it better to just order a already set up co2 regulator from Green leaf or just buy all the pieces myself?

Steve Story says:

Watching the video I was confused about the 1 bubble per second versus more per seconds. I never saw this part fully explained in the video. How does one bubble per second look on that diffuser? I’m a newbie and was thinking of adding CO2 but wasn’t sure about the bubbles per second I hear about

Miles Cooper says:

are you able to have bubbles in your tank and co2

Brian Pinard says:

Duel gauge & duel stage are two different things. Just so that your viewers are aware, just because you have a twin gauge regulator, doesn’t mean it’s duel stage. The regulator has to have another diaphragm built in making it duel stage which won’t allow Co2 dump into your tank when the bottle is almost empty. I have duel gauge regulators but only one is duel stage.

Steve Branson says:

Lol. As soon as this video started I thought you were sitting on the toilet.


You don’t use recommend a bubble counter?

keskkyte says:

You wait for the CO2 tank to get to the room temperature before installing it. But what happens if the temperature in the room changes drastically in the room while you’re using Co2?

Lighthunter says:

Finally found a video that explains all necessary details about CO2 setup plain and simple! Thank you.

Ryan Trần Nguyễn says:

this is the most informative video I have ever seen about CO2 system for Aquarium!

janedagger says:

I needed this one.. right now. Planning. So, thank you so much. Love your channel, your vids, and the fact that your information is spot on. You rocketh sir.

Kyle Putney says:

Hey Corey, how come you’re running a sump on this system as opposed to your usual auto water change set up?

Dane Goff says:

When you say 5 bubbles per second, how do you measure that?

Jason Maslen says:

G’day Cory, would it be a good idea for a new hobbyist, like myself, to use a CO2 drop checker when starting off using CO2 or would regular ph tests suffice?

Hello There says:

2 gauges doesn’t mean dual stage

Mr Few The Aquarium Dude says:

I have been thinking about getting CO2, but I get worried about pH swings, and my plants already grow well. I have what seems like magic lights, and fertilize, so I can’t help but feel like CO2 would make it even better. The solenoid makes me feel better about it. You should do a comparison in your new studio to help me see the difference!

GaMeOvErRules says:

I have a 20 gallon tank and I am new to the hobby of planted tanks, my tank is still in the cycling stages. I am slowly starting to get this whole CO2 thing but every regulator I see it has reviews of it breaking after a while and then it gasses all the fish.. what is a good brand to go with? the area where my tank is I don’t have much space and it’s out in the open so I was thinking about going with a paintball 20 or 24oz tank. What would be a good regulator to use?

Crythe says:

Im a noob and want an axolotl. I want a nice aquascape (it will be bad) but do I need CO2? Thanks

Javier Duenas says:

So putting the CO2 diffuser up against the return pump helps spread the CO2 throughout the system better? My return ends in a spray bar across the top of my tank. Do you think a significant amount of CO2 would be lost by using that spray bar?

Savanna The Aqua Llama says:

Thank you for this video! When you have a very low tech planted tank and it seems like your plants are starting to require co2, it can be so intimidating if you don’t have experience setting it up. I’m at the point where my plants have plateaued in growth and are starting to show signs of co2 deficiency. So I was considering the benefits of DIY versus a legitimate tank and regulator. This video was so clear, concise and informative that it doesn’t seem like a scary venture anymore, and I have guidelines I can follow and tweak as needed along the way. Your content is invaluable and you’re a great teacher!

Kyle Raines says:

So helpful!! Very well done! Thank you
Warren G song kept running in my head!

Mike Ferguson says:

Hello Cory I just set up a fluval 88 co2 system for my 55 gallon planted tank. Right now I have the same diffuser that you used in this video hooked to it. For filtration I’m using a hang on back filter. I do have a canister hang on back filter. My question is. Would I benefit more by sending the co2 through the canister filter instead of using the diffuser shown in this video? I’d like to get the most out of the co2 that I’m pumping into the tank. Thanks

spian says:

This dude def lights up

el pimpi says:

Cory little hint. be careful injecting co2 to your canister filter. I used to do until my eheim 2217 expolded like a soda bottle what a nightmare. Great video by the way, all the best from canada

Harsh Kumar says:

Bro can I use the co2 which I will get filled in fire extinguisher when I will eat for first time

lametube says:

Should you run co2 on a daily basis?

MrSteelface96 says:

stupid question?, if i have a Aquael Pat mini filter that i can also work as an air pump, (blowing bubbles into the water) will my plants utilize the Co2 that exist is in the air? or do i just drive out the Co2 the fish produce from the water?

Stephan Liebenberg says:

Normal air does contain some co2, can running a highly airated tank be a substitute? I have Java moss and fern so it doesn’t actually need it, but my 25 Gallon tank is heavily planted and I’d like to see my plants grow well!

iyot1020 says:

Yeah youre not entirely accurate about co2 being used by plants only with light calvin cycle or dark reaction happens when co2 fixation using the energy gained from light rxn

ErnieDoesThings says:

Are you aquarium co-op

Donny Suhendra says:

Bps for 5 gallon tank?

madiaz8604 says:

You didn’t add a bubble counter on that system. How do you know if it’s enough?

Joe Hughes says:

Roughly how much is the initial cost?

Simon Graham says:

Extremely informative. You didn’t skip the important bits and gave superb advice on every part. Many thanks 🙂

Somu Dixith says:

can i know which Co2 atomizer is Best
do (up aqua Co2 atomizer ) is good

Harsh Kumar says:

Can I use fire extinguisher cylinder???

Generic Name jpg says:

Uploaded on my borthday

Morgan Zakhary says:

Thank you so much!! I’ve been searching for this video for months. You made it simple and clear what to do.

MegaThenman says:

Are there any major differences between regulators designed for hydroponics and those designed for aquariums? I’ve heard people successfully using hydroponics regulators and having success with aquariums, but I didn’t know if there was a difference besides the price?

Magic 0 says:

I have 25-27 gal tank i don’t think I need to spend too much. I do have plants and no fish for now but how necessary is all this i only have an air pump working for now

Cheapskate Aquatics says:

Do you have C02 in your Mbu puffer tank?

How Ward says:

What type of regulator was used in this video?

Photojames J. says:

I’m sorry Corey, I don’t know what you sell your regulators for? But I don’t think one $150-$200 is what I would call cheap and that would be the low end. And and then even the best companies have problems with the regulators. I do appreciate the video though, thank you!

Ariane Séguin says:

Thank you Cory! This is the clearest CO2 guide I’ve ever seen.

Flickabook says:

Hi Cory. Really admire the videos and the knowledge. Quick question, can adding a small amount of co2 cause problems? Can under dosing be an issue?

Ray Graham says:

I am thinking of introducing CO2 into my tank but I am a little concerned as I believe that the introduction of CO2 into an aquarium will lower PH, and I assume that turning off the Co2 at night will allow the PH to rise in the tank. How will this fluctuation in PH affect the fish?
Can anyone help me with this please?

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