AQUATEK Mini CO2 Regulator & 3-in-1 Diffuser Review

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Rich McK says:

Would you recommend it for a 1st Co2 systems?

Edna Dickinson says:

Hi, a 24 oz enough for a 55?

Chanski 85 says:

how long will a tank like that last in your tank?

Joris van der Kamp says:

great video my friend!

paitton71 says:

Hey Jacob i am in the process of learning so i am following the instructions you gave another person on here. You did mention a timer. Can you give me advise on what kind please?Thank you.

LVcichlids says:

Nice vid. I have an Aquatek regulator on my tank with the 3-1 diffuser. The only problem I have with it is the adjustment knob is super duper touchy. I don’t even move it enough to see and it goes from 1 bubble a second to 3.

Maarten488 says:

Great review, you should show it in action. Though a 140 bucks for a paintball tank regulator, goddamn. You might as wel buy a full commercial co2 setup

kinaya Peck says:

Where esle can i get c02 refills at cuz down here in orange tx they have any paintball shops around

Mr Cardona says:

Hi Jacob, great video, love all your videos.  I have a 20 gallon high and want to add a CO2 system.  Would you recommend this mini CO2 regulator for me?  Also, would I able to use something as small as a Fluval 3.1 oz CO2 Cartridge?  Space is an issue with me, but I want connect it to my timer…  Thank you in advance. 

the lazy fish keeper says:

a good review the only down side was we did not see it in action so all we know is that it feels solid works with  paint ball  co2 tank, you say it is better than a cheap chinese made unit   i know this may seem harsh but i believe  all valid points  i do look forward to the next video  so until then   sty well

Lystrung says:

How long does the 24 oz tank normally last?

Angel Moreno says:

would you recommend a paintball tank or a standard tank?

Mark Morgan says:

Just bought mine 🙂 your video was my deciding factor on witch regulator to get

crazy shrimp lady says:

Before I start watching. Does anything explode on this video?

Cadena Se Le Aviza says:

can this regulator be used on a regular 5lbs tank?

84Infinity says:

Is that a filter intake you are talking into?

Fun Aquariums says:

Great review, I will be buying one of these based on your expert advice.  I have been using a Panamax BlueBOLT system on all my tanks.  This is how I can monitor and schedule my lighting and soon a CO2 system.  The BlueBOLT system also will send you email updates if you lose power which is critical if your pump or filters go down.  Keep the videos coming.

Rob Marty says:

Seeing this product now makes me question why I waisted $135 Canadian dollars on the Fluval C02 kit.
I just called my local pop shop. I can get a 50lbs tank for $35 canadian plus a $100 deposit.
There must be something from this company that will work for this.
If I find something, Im thinking I should be able to connect multiple aquariums to the single unit for less than 1/2 the cost of two of my Fluval systems.
for the $35 canadian, I might have a years worth of c02 as well.

Freshwaterfishvids says:

Hey Jacob, i need a co2 setup for my 55 gallon setup. I have no clue what to get, set it up, etc. Any suggestions on where i could buy a full setup or how to make one for cheap. Anyone i could make something for under 175$? thanks

Michael Brizuela says:

What plants do you recommend me to start adding to my discus tank?

RaqseeBismil says:

Great video, I am looking to get CO2 , is that regulator still working for you? I heard it could go bad and leak whole co2 tank. 

Hugo Cardona says:

Soooo… When I was screwing the paint ball tank on, I kept screwing after the click because it wasn’t flushed. Well that cracked the little plastic around the tank. I guess I should have stopped at the click…right?

Donna Peterson says:

Thank you, Jacob. I will be ordering one of these this week. I should receive the plants I ordered from you soon, and I want them to stay healthy. I appreciate all your videos.

Burg Which says:

have you tried using a splitter on the paintball tank? Does it work? any issues?

RinaDasler says:

if you put it on timer how does co2 doesnt blow up in the middle of the night? isnt it under the pressure? i never used anything with co2 except liquid ones. what is ‘paintball tank’ where do u get it from? what do u put inside? What should I use for 75G tank with discus fish?


Really looks good Jacob and soo simple to use, even i can understand it 🙂 Really tempted to get into Co2. I have a 55 gallon tank, so what size paintball cylinder would you say would be best for this size tank and roughly how long would this last ? If this system is good for people on a budget as well as being real good quality and does the job well, then im all ears 🙂

JJ Drones1 says:

I know this video is old, but would this work for a 46 gallon bow front tank?

after12345 says:

Hi, which timer do you use? Thanks for the video

Darren Becker says:

Ordered mine yesterday and got 2 24oz tanks filled for $60. System should be here Monday or Tuesday

kyle benson says:

How long will the paintball Tank last you


Hi, gr8 vid always helpful info, I was wondering how well does this system works with a Coralife Power Center

ilmgwamh says:

can this setup be operated sideways (the tank lying on its longest side)? I was planning to mount it sideways on my aquarium stand wall…

SpYz says:

Cool vid

Tom will says:

very well done review, thanks

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