Best Co2 Diffusers Reviewed + Explained – Top 6 Diffusers for Planted Tank / Aquarium Co2 Systems

Best Co2 Diffusers Reviewed + Explained – Top 6 Diffusers for Planted Tank / Aquarium Co2 Systems


Kolton D says:

I use #2 in my 55 gallon and when starting it, I didn’t even know it would be that effective, I just thought up how it might work on my own without seeing any videos on it.

Illusion Of Hatred says:

Unfortunately, some reactors can be purchased for under 50 dollars.. that being said, quality may not be there.

AttentionJunkie says:

Tunze makes a great cheap reactor that served my 55 very well. Its just a tiny powerhead with a clear downtube and a little nipple on the side for the co2 to flow in. Then the gas gets trapped and chopped up over and over again. I’m pretty sure I got 95% or more dissolution. I used the yeast method because the reactor was so efficient I didn’t need to go with compressed gas.

cam urb says:

informative but the music is annoying as s*&^/#!!t

Lillyleaf101Mew says:

Are all bubbler stones Co2 related? Do they just need to be hooked up to the air pump to work or will I need some sort of gas bottle/constant source of Co2?

dboy6400 says:

This was a good video for showing the different methods and providing a subjective comparison, thanks for posting it!  What would be great is measurement data- how much the CO2 concentration is raised by each method in a given water volume over a given time and at a given bubble rate.

Teodor Angelov says:

I have a powerhead to diffuse DIY CO2 in a 20Gal and the CO2 is very low so i plan to get a ladder diffuser although you said its worse. I hope it works better.

apoktay35 says:

Thank you for this informative video. I would like to ask a question; What do you think about ISTA 3 in 1 Diffuser ?

revoltesociale says:

and what about a bazooka diffuser?

Eduardo De la hoz says:

what do you think about external ista Co2 reactor? is the better option?

Thiago Cavalcanti says:

Nice soundtrack, what is it?

Russ Polk says:

how can u rate the ladder better than a glass diffuser?

Evan Gangle says:

what about inline diffusers?

Alyssa Ashworth says:

sorry the music made me click off. Shame because this is a good informative video.

The King Of Dean 7 says:

where is “Atomizer?” .need high pressure co2, produce finest bubble in the world… ?

TheFigure says:

Fuck all that and get a in-line CO2 diffuser…The best out there and doesn’t take up any space in your tank.

Russ Polk says:

best way is a good glass diffuser under a power head or filter

Matt Mayorga says:

Hey man, love your videos!
Iv got a 60Gal with mostly swords and Discus. Problem is they’ve been yellowing and browning on me. The tanks tall, so the bulbs were replaced to Life-Glos and the guy at my lfs said having my air stone on all day isn’t helping the plants, note that my air stone is pretty big, about the size of your palm.
Any thoughts?

Robert Stoanes says:

I wonder if attaching the co2 line to a T connector in my outflow filter tube would work.

Dr. Death says:

Or just use a reactor and not lose any co2

Alex T says:

Better yet than that big reactor would be something like this
You don’t have to buy that one,just search “inline difusser” on eBay,much better price

Matt Phillips says:

How can a ladder out perform a glass ceramic diffuser when it’s all about bubble size and contact time a glass ceramic would rank as joint 2 along with the atomic range from green leaf. You want the bubbles to be pushed around the tank not just go straight up and pop at the surface which is exactly what a ladder does

debbie foster says:

Nice video. I just installed the bubble ladder in my 55 gal. Fingers crossed. I’ve never gone with live plants before.

UKSID1 says:

Put the Diffusers under the intake of your canister filter or any filter really …Bubbles will be in water much, much longer

Danger Gismo says:

Lol, the whole vid sounded like you were documenting an elusive Pokemon… Good stuff though!

4FunRC says:

I thought/think perhaps in-line diffusers are the best method currently available.

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