Co2 Diffuser Review

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sornord says:

Question for Jacob…
Does the placement of the diffuser/ladder in a tank in relation to water flow affect the CO2 RETENTION, vice diffusion?   Never did CO2 before but seems to me the surface area exchange would be a factor in CO2 content of the water.  And further to that, if CO2 injection is used, the “supercharged” CO2 content of the water would cause the excess CO2 to be vented into the air above the tank at a higher rate than normal (with CO2 saturation dependent on water temperature) because of the partial pressures of the water-dissolved vs atmospheric CO2.  If these are the cases, then would putting your CO2 diffuser as far away from maximum current/filter outputs, or even shielding it from filter currents – e.g. keeping the supercharged water away from the surface as long as possible – minimize the CO2 being lost to surface exchange?

JacobsAquarium says:

@eloyalejandro Hi 🙂 My tank is 26 inches tall and I have a regular cheap marine land light strip you can find at any petsmart or petco. Thanks for watching friend! 🙂

innLondoN says:

dwarf gourami i guess?

JacobsAquarium says:

There are small slits in the plastic but its not completely open. I assume they put small slits on the sides to keep everything flowing.

wookiepalh says:

I use a yeast bottle in my tank. I hooked it up to a powerhead I bought for 30 bucks, and drilled a hole in an empty pill bottle to match the outlet size. This forces the water in a spiral downward and splits the bubbles making them very tiny when they exit. The smaller bubbles take longer to rise and sometimes stick to the plants. Its worked well for me. But I also set this whole tank up just for plants, so I haven’t had past experience with live plants.

American horror GOREY says:

I have a glass diffuser. I have a HOB filter on the right side (square tank) 12x12x14 and my diffuser on the left side. Would you recommend putting my diffuser on the same side as my HOB filter? I wanted the flow of water to sweep the bubbles into the tank, currently the bubbles just float to the top. And my drop checker takes about an hour to get green, thanks. PS. Im a huge fan love your channel. Check out my tank on my page or Pinterest.

JacobsAquarium says:

@letmeshowuhow2stunt I agree but they work well with DIY yeast bottles. If I had a high end pressurized system I would for sure go with the ceramic disk. But I don’t see the point in investing in a high end system when I can get the same results doing it myself.

JacobsAquarium says:

Sadly, she said I can only have one 55 gallon or less tank 🙁

S R says:

100% diffusion? Clearly not as the bubbles are still there as they get to the top.
You’d have to measure the bubbles in some way from start to end of the ladder.

Eloy Perez says:

Ok jacob your tank is almost 250 liters and is very tall if u want to see the best results u will need aprox. min. 4 tubes of 30 wats to make de aprox 9.000 a 15.000 lumen, i have a 190 liters acuarium and i have the same measurements only mine have 32 cm wide and i have 5 tubes but 20 wats and im still short because i cant find 30 wats tubes in my country, if u find 40 wats tubes u can put 3 of them and u will see the impact belive me makes all the diferents. good luck jacob

ljusta says:

Another great video tho i dont use Co2 anymore.I had the same one and i used homemade jeas water suger blend.

JacobsAquarium says:

@eloyalejandro Okay cool! My tank is 26 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 37 inches long.


I see your little otto 🙂 or I like to say little sharks….I love them…….love…..

Eloy Perez says:

guao u have 66 cm if you want jacob see real changes in your plants i will give you a free advice the best thing for plants is the light the higher the aquarium needs more light that I learned over time, if you give me your measurements of your aquarium and i can tell you what light you need and believe me you will see an extraordinary change in your aquarium bye jacob keep the good work

Saisori says:

I bought a hagen ladder for 14$ and it seems liek the bubbles just sit at the bottom of the ladder, any advice on getting them to run through the whole ladder?

Gus Stav says:

whats the name of that white fish at the start?

Bryan Umana says:

do u use diy co2?

rexlinkfish says:

Also Has your landlord decided to let you have another tank? And when will your next vid be?

WolleytheMonster says:

Reactor is the way to go

Milos Stevanovic says:

Hey Jacob, tell me something about this ladder. Are they open on one side or these bubbles are closed between two plastic plates


Jean-Francois Prince says:

whats that bag looking thing in your tank 😮

jddsi1 says:

hi Jacob first big fan of your videos based by whole co2 system and plants on your videos and my swords are doing great.  first week so far have no leaf melting only new growth on my amazon swords. I would real like a video on plant fertilizers do you use?  I do have two 25cm Oscars and 3 smaller fish in my tank you can see them on my page before I added plants, and my co2 system.  there are so many?  please remember I do live in Australia so chemical import can be a issue.  thanks in advance.  hope you are doing better now after Wittney’s untimely passing.

JacobsAquarium says:

@jean9910 I have to keep a fine mesh bag over my wet dry over flow box to prevent my small catfish and tetra from being sucked in.

Aquascaping the World by BM says:

They sell that same one at petsmart for like 20 bucs

TheTomsTank says:

Hi Jacob please can we have a new vid soon thanks

Eloy Perez says:

Hey congratulations on the acquisition Co2 really helps a lot to the growth of the plants I see you’re serious to have your planted aquarium, hey jacob wanted to ask you which is the height of your aquarium and what light you have installed?

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