CO2 Kits for Planted Aquariums (Unboxing)

Aquatic expert Tom Sarac provides an explanation of how and why you can benefit from adding a CO2 system to your planted freshwater aquarium. Learn more about CO2 injections:


Fish keeping Canada says:

I have a 45gal tank would it matter if it was the 88g

papa MIRQ lbs says:

i have that exact same kit the fluval mini pressurized c02 kit but the one i have says for 15 gallons.. would i be able to use it on my 20 gall tank??

Dan Shaw says:

hello Tom, I found your 88 Co2 kit on sale on eBay, but only good for up to 40 gal. I currently have a 75 gal. tank could I just use two? I have a 150 gal. I may be switching to, than what I would have to have 4? do you have a bigger system?

shunylugia21. says:

okay i had my co2 20 and i had it running all day and now no co2 is coming out if it is already ran out then this is bs

MikeeThe Gamer says:

For the 20g you can just use one of the diffusers right?

Dank Duckle says:

How long would this last in a 35 gallon at 1 bubble every 2 seconds (is that too much?) ?

Fish keeping Canada says:

I like fluval

Art Hunter says:

Hi! I’m in the process of setting up a 350l planted tank that I intend to use CO2 on. Do you do a system that will be suitable for that size aquarium…

BORG Aquatics says:

Beginner planted tank guy here…just picked up the 88 gram. I have a 20 long with black tetras. What should be my bubble count? I’m counting 1 bubble every 4-5 seconds. How long should I run it for along with a Cora life 10000 daylight/ blue lights

Fish keeping Canada says:

I am subbed

Colton Frost says:

I was curious to know i could use the smaller CO2 20gr with the smaller more compact diffuser disk design of the 88 model?
The diffuser system for the smaller model is a bit bulky for my tank and setup.

Jessica Williams says:

Can you use the 88 for a 10 gal also? TIA!

MikeeThe Gamer says:

Can i use a regular air pump check valve for the co2

cremdelecreme says:

Can I use this on my 65 gal tank? I know it’s a smaller system but I’m just getting into co2 and found this kit used online. If so, should I be increasing my bubble count? I have quite a bit of plants set up. Thanks!

shunylugia21. says:

can this run all the time?

Jason Weir says:

Hey Fluval, mine just arrived in the post. Set it up, unfortunately the diffuser doesn’t seem to be diffusing the bubbles? I remove it and co2 bubbles pour from the end of the tubing, but nothing comes out when I attach the diffuser? Any ideas what could be wrong? Anything I could check?

Eduardo Quintana Ramirez says:

Fluval products … the best of the best…

Sam Buckley says:

How do u stop it when your lights go off

Ali Als says:

does this co2 hurt the fish ?

John Zimm says:

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Nice, small and simple. How long would the canister last if you were doing 1 bubble ever few seconds.

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