CO2 System Nano English version

See how you install Tropica’s CO2 System Nano. A complete CO2 system with an elegant nano design, a precise and stable CO2 regulation and a 3-in-1 diffuser, which ensures a maximum CO2 efficiency.


Rockstar110Percent says:

Nice music =D

Patrick Seidl says:

i love your nano co2 system, unfortunately the cartridges are quite expensive. but its a very good product!

Fivos Rock City says:

hello I’m trying to figure if this will work for my 150 lt tank. It’s heavily planted with easy plants and according to the chart in your site I should be good for about 40 days with one nano cylinder. My question is, does this estimate of days cover the co2 usage for about 10 hours a day(that’s how long I leave my lights on) or if not, then for how many?

JR3157 says:

You can’t leave the co2 on overnight, and without a second valve you would have to adjust the pin valve every morning. Is it possible just to add a second valve after the pin valve to shut off/turn on in the morning?

Muhamad Masduki says:

how much is the cost??? how can we get it?? I live in Indonesia… 😀

a l says:

Does the regulator only fit on Tropica co2 Cartridges or would co2 from another supplier work as well?

Νικος Παρασκευαιδης says:

goodmorning from Greece. I recently bought the CO2 Diffuser with ceramic. I tried out 3 different ceramic parts but the CO2 diffuser seems to block. If i remove the ceramic parts leaving the diffuser without ceramic (tropica spare part), flow is very well served – multiple drops of CO2. Any clues? thank you in advance!
 All three spare ceramics are left inside water for more than 12 hours

Reynaldo Zamora says:

Can you add an adapter to the regulator to use a bigger bottle?

nat heaney says:

im having some issues with your system atm. Got myself the tropica nano co2 system with tubing + 3 in 1 diffuser. Soaked diffuser for 24hours as per instructions and set up to canister today. Problem is – no bubbles coming through to counter but pressure is at 1000psi??? Tried it on an air line and still no bubbles coming out. Any ideas? Thanks

ManmadeSmiith says:

Do you have too turn this off at night? or can you leave it all the time?

HisXlency says:

Not available in the US?

The Rider says:

can you please tel me whats the thread of the regulator im trying to put an adaptor to use a refilable bottle and i cant find out whats the thread  i want to use in a botlle with the thread DIN477

Olav Øverland says:

hey tropica i have seen that you have sponsored some People what do i need to do to get sponsored With maybe plants im aquascaping some aquariums now but if i send in Pictures to youi guys can that help?

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