Diffusing Co2 in a Planted Fishtank

I wanted to discuss the couple different kind of Co2 diffusers ive been using recently..Ive been using the glass diffusers with the built in bubble counters,and the Fluval diffusers as well..I gotta say i prefer the Fluval,but im still going with an inline diffuser next..I also wanted to speak of some new plants in the store for you guys..We’ll also be shipping with new boxes so no more small flat rate boxes..

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James Conrey Aquatics says:

Good video as always, digging all the new plants you keep acquiring, really nice. Yes we know where to go for plants, cause we are all Fired Up !!!!!

Harry Harutyunyan says:

how do you keep the water so clean? Been a big problem since i got my 55 gallon tank

Jfleshtanks says:

You don’t seem to want to accept the fact you’re dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare, with a man who’s the best, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who’s been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke.

Mrmomtanks says:

ive never run an inline yet so we will see how bad they are.

elyh777 says:

How do you replace the disc? Can’t find a vid anywhere.

NickMach007 says:

I agreed about the diffusers, but what about cleaning inline ones? I would think that is more of a pain than the glass ones.

Tony Nguyen says:

i need your help on a planted tank dude.

almcloud says:

Thanks for sharing

Slim Tim says:

Thanks for the tip on glass diffuser, won’t get one. Yes we all have box of Fishtanks goodies, some may have two, lol. Good video, Fired Up!!!

Richard says:

I have this diffuser and it’s a piece of shit. All that comes out are large bubbles at an extremely slow rate.

Natural Aquatics Eco-Aquascaping says:

Thank You Sir …Perfect timing… looking forward to setting up a new C02 system..

Elvisr29 says:

your surface agitation from the filters is defeating you whole purpose. Don’t know if you still have the tank but it will help

Money says:

great vid man , tank looks amazing

Tropictank says:

Nice tank. Btw I made similar video about same fluval ceramic diffuser, amazing product and works great even after 5 months later without soaking bleach!

Trena Marie says:

Glad you did this vid. Was thinking about a glass diffuser, but not now.

DarkSkys25 says:

Nice planted tank, you should make a video on carpeting plants. I like the way your HC Cuba is growing.

DIY Biotopes says:

Would it works the same if i just use a airpump ? Because i dont have a co2 system but want micro bubbles like this

mehdi ghadimy says:

nice huge otocynclus

AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac says:

Good video. I’ve wanting to go for an inline difuser for two years but everytime I change the difuser I end up just getting another glass one.
Plants look awesome too.

MrHoney2U says:

lol. yep yep..we all have a box of “stuff”. You will love the inline diffuser

inbedf says:

If I use lots of source to provide oxygen in my tank, for example I have 40gallon and using pump for 60 to 80 gallon. I have lots of plants but never seen issue due to CO2. using since over 1year now. so basically this is what doing how its work? can u explain more.

Scotlahn Mccallister says:

If i make a DIY Co2 system, do i need to use a bubble counter, if i made one from a water bottle and the tubing pushed to the bottom? Or am i fine with the bottle one? That’s a pretty nice tank you have there though, very green.

Dontdalla says:

Nice! What substrate are you using in this tank?

BayAreaAquatics says:

I wish they made an in line unit for 3/4in tubing. I need to upgrade my setup to a proper ceramic diffuser, instead of my junky diy one

VaperDream says:

very nice :).

PlantedMN says:

You should check out the GLA atomic diffusers. They do require a working pressure of 30 PSI, so not an option for DiY. They also have the in-line versions, which I hope to add soon. Nice vid. Thanks for sharing.

Logan Wake says:

The inline atomizer I have works amazing. So much better then the in tank diffusers I used.

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Good vid man!

SoldiersKnowsBest says:

make a video of the box of goodies`!!!

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