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DIY CO2 diffusers come in all shapes and sizes. Here is my quick design for an internal DIY CO2 diffuser using a broken flask.


Some of our projects use materials and tools that can be dangerous. Our projects are meant to be fun and safe for all parties. If you decide to engage in any of our projects, remember you are doing so at your own risk. DIY AQUAPROS will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from any of our projects or instructions.
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Ruben says:

That’s a good idea.

Marcus Hamilton says:

why didnt you hook the co2 hose into the powerhead via the hose mount by the outtake of the powerhead thats what thier for or to bring in freash air

Alex D says:

Very cool.  I love recycling things like this.

TheDoubtingPanda says:

I have added plants to my tank which led me to research all things CO2. Which led me here. So I switching this and pondering how to setup my tank, I had made a drink for myself using one of those water carbonation units. So my question, is there anything wrong with taking tank water and carbonation it using something like Sodastream and returning it to the tank?

Atlantic Saint says:

The recycling vibe is all good but in this case it dousn’t make sense anymore. A sodabottle or any tubing would do better in every aspect, especially because you can create a taller system in wich the bubbles have to travel for longer. I tried the co2-thru-powerhead system a while ago, it sure smashes the bubbles apart but while doing so the pump makes a rattling noice due to the impeller going out of ballanceI. It’s noisy and cant be good for the pump lifespan. My 2 cents on a good video!

Pondguru says:

Yes, I like it and although I haven’t had anything to do with CO2 in tanks I an see the benefit of shredding the bubbles with the impeller to allow better infusion.
I like the way that you look at something not connected to aquariums and see a good use for it too. That is exactly what a good inventor does while most people will simply copy existing ideas, passing them off as their own or simply not see any sort of connection between different useful ‘things’.
There’s a couple of interesting developments I have in mind to bring forward over the next few months and as a matter of interest do you guys have biorb aquariums over there?
They are a sphere made from acrylic and are renowned for having terrible filtration – we know them as a ‘ball of death’ over here.
I have a plan to make them work very well.

Shane Olson says:

Would this work with pressurized CO2 tank? Love the idea.

Tommy Byrnes says:

CONVENIENTLY broken!! lol

The Fish Closet says:

You have a very interesting channel but this is not representative . Very ugly diffuser!

Conner Monier says:

I’ll make it myself. Just got instructions from inplix website and I’m ready to do it 😀

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