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In This Video:
Today we do an unboxing from Aquatek that helps out my 20g dwarf cichlid build!


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Wes-Fish Care says:

How long do you think a paintball tank this size would last on a 29 gallon with medium difficulty plants? (swords, crypts, vals)

Anthony Ragan says:

I was all ready to set up my own pressurized CO2 (ordered my stuff from GLA), until I discovered a flaw in my brilliant plan: No one in West Los Angeles does CO2 refills on paintball tanks, apparently. At least, no one that I can find. Kind of frustrating when I’ve already bought all the equipment. :/

Dallas Moman says:

anyone ever try fire extinguisher canisters? can get them in big sizes. small amount of crafty-ness you could Rig them for this application. would be excellent for this example where you have multiple tanks setup for plants… just a thought. You could even get a local extinguisher company to refill. I believe you can get them up to 10kg in size (20+ lbs)

Lucas Armstrong says:

Diy co2

PG'S World says:

How does liquid co2 compare with the other methods?

SimonCheapAquatics says:

I use DIY co2 and it is greate. Head over to my channel to see the results. I use 5 liters of diy co2 and it last 2 months for just 2 $

carlos alvarado says:

awesome can you start using this? to check the functionality

DidooDalwen says:

I have this exact Aquatek on my 55G. It’s way less trouble than liquid CO2. I think it’s a little bit difficult to adjust the flow (too sensitive). I have a ceramic diffuser and I don’t like it, what do you use? I once tried to make my own solution for my CO2 drop checker and it didn’t work. Can you show us how to make it? I really like you videos. You’re the best for planted aquarium.

SuperFlojoGuy says:

Aquatek is awesome. I’ve had my regulators for several years now. I love them. I also have the AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Mini with Integrated Solenoid for Paintball Tank (R-78) and the AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Solenoid Six Outlet! I highly recommend!

otto leeverink says:

ive got a tank for years but im not planning on buying more wy not i dont need a nother one. There are plenty of nice fish but im not going for 2 or more. to me they are pets and have to stay that way
also i only got tap wather and would have to buy a lot of prep i have got a second tank but thats for emergency only
would something gp wrong with my tank like broken or leaking

SuperLeGaard says:

I’m going to get Co2 but are considering If I meby could get something compatible with Sodasteam bottles. The bottles are easy to get from most common stores. and has a more economical affordable prices. ☺

Markiempje says:

Hi Mike!
I use an old CO2 fire extinguisher. In The Netherlands where i live they are regulated to 10 years, after which they are sold cheap. About 5-10 euro for 5Kg of CO2. Thats usually way cheaper than buying 5 pound bottles or paintball tanks. Couplings are the same, just screw your regulator on, and clamp the handle down. Saves you bigtime! Single drawback is the size of these extinguishers, usually pretty large, but like you said, just run some cheap pressure line to it and store it where you have space!,
my 2cnts, Mark

Bradley Vaughn says:

what is the wood you have in the tank behind you. and can I use oak or anything that would be outside. .love your videos your the best. keep up the good work

Brent Robinson says:

I have the same co2 setup on two tanks due to space limitations. They work awesome but I’ve switched to the fluval diffusers. They seem to do little better job after months of using each diffuser.

Russ Polk says:

i use it on a 36 gallon and i run about 2 bps and it lasts about 2to3 months only costing like $16 a diffuser is the rhinox 1000 andd 2000

The Hobbynist says:

How long does your CO2 tank last ? The one with the 6 splitter, I have a 75 gallon tank and trying to figure out what size tank to get (paintball only lasts me 3 weeks)

Laura says:

What’s the opinion on Liquid co2? Dosing the right amount everyday instead of injecting it.

AquaristApprentice says:

very informative thanks! I’m starting to do my homework for setting CO2 up and I’m curious how long a typical CO2 bottle lasts …say the size of the paintball one you showed here. thx!

Isometric Aquariums says:

im a huge fan of liquid carbon … i use easycarbo 1 litre in the uk 😀

Justin Brazill says:

please help me how much liquid co2 do I add to a 180 ltr tank I’m adding manually

Rohan Joseph says:

The Aquatek 3 in 1 diffuser is just a repackaged ISTA diffuser – I bought one about 4 years back. the rubber gasket around the ceramic disk erodes away because of the co2 much before the disk gets clogged due to algae. You would be much better off getting a glass diffuser – they last longer than the Aquatek/ISTA one in my opinion.

Amy P. says:

I’m brand new to the hobby. I’m still researching since I don’t actually have a tank yet (I’m waiting ’til I move in a few months). All of the CO2 stuff confuses me…or I guess I should say overwhelms me. Where do I start? I love plants & the main reason I wanted to get into aquariums is for aquascaping.

Dictator of God says:

love co2 and never use a 20/24oz tank, too small. get the 5 pound.

ReptilesWelling AntsWelling says:


michael a says:

as always, nicely put together vid and great info. looking forward to seeing the new set up. keep well.

Evets Ayama says:

Cool stuff man

Harrison Maxwell says:


Luis Q. says:

nice pickups will wait to see a update on the equipment especially the regulator looking to replace and add one extra one but have had bad luck with single stage regulators I hope this one you bought is decent quality

123 123 says:

I’ve never used a CO2 system on any of my tanks. The surface movement from the filter and an air stone have made my plants grow just fine.

Jhendka P. says:

I use 20 oz paintball co2 for my 30gal. the nice thing is paintball is switching to compressed air so you can find 20 oz tanks for damn near free. I got a few of them laying around its been good and cheap.

Angel Castaneda says:

I use a liquid solution co2 but don’t know if it’s doing a whole lot. I use the recommended amount per gallon and don’t know if I should use more because there’s fish and shrimp in there.

Jeremy Crocker says:

Would be nice if you talked about the importance of psi.

LFCooledWhip says:

Now how would you regulate the CO2? I want to get this setup for my tank, I just don’t know how much I should open it or how many bubbles I should do per day.

Racing's Natural Aquariums says:

Great vid and unboxing!

Ksquizzles4209 says:

I’ve had a hard time with the splitter. I got that 6 way splitter on a 20 gal co2 tank with an electric solenoid on a timer. I got them all dialed in nicely with bubble counters on every line. I come home the next day after work and all the pressure allotted to one tank and I had a total loss. I tried it again and had it happened to a second tank. At this point I’m not sure what to do.

Julian Morgan says:

Pretty disappointing – I was expecting a reasonably balanced and informative discussion rather than a sales pitch for Aquatek and deliberate distortions crafted to have any newbie watching this believe they just HAVE to have CO2 to run a planted tank – as in your opinion there’s just NO other way to do it properly. You obviously know enough to know perfectly well that people will often make a choice whether or not to use CO2. I personally know advanced aquarists with beautiful planted tanks who choose not to use CO2 for various good reasons in some of their tanks and to use it in others.

Its a choice – just like there are excellent arguments for the use of air stones, sponge filters, under-gravel filters and lots of old-school options that the aquarium industry would really prefer we didn’t know about at all, and second to that, think are second rate or plain wrong because they don’t have anything like the same profit margin as all the hi-tech gear. Not least because they don’t break down or wear out after a few months!!

What you may not realise is that people like myself will often refer beginners to specific channels because they have content of high educational quality. Yours was one of those. But you seemed to have aligned yourself with the aquarium industry’s perpetual campaign to open our wallets, rather than providing REAL, unbiased and objective information.

Maybe you’ll change direction again in future, but for the time being I’m unsubscribing and just won’t risk referring newbies to your channel – there are plenty of others who are scrupulously unbiased, even when they do product reviews – god knows there’s already enough misinformation in the hobby without people with your subscriber base adding more!

A alpha says:

hey Mike ! live your videos can you make a video about caring for plants just after planting like how to care

starfan6299 says:

Instead of using the typical diffuses, I found that wooden airstones work significantly better, and you never have to clean them.

Fandus says:

I use 2.1 liter CO2 tank in my 200 liter aquarium for a month now and its really cool! Plants are growing much faster. I dont turn it off for a night and it works well with cca 1.5 bubble per second. So now Iam planning to buy a 2-way splitter for usage in my 40 liter tank too.

Russ Polk says:

aquatek stuff is awesome.i have some dwarf cichlid videos over at my channel if u have time to take a look..i am subbed to you glad that u are back on yt

IBernE says:

I have the same aquatek mini. I love it overall. The only thing is that it’s tricky and a little frustrating to get it set at 1-2 bubbles per second. Turn it just a little too much and a million bubbles come out. But I do like it and would recommend it.

Neeraj Batra says:

which fish is that floating near the top..bigger one and white with black something area in the middle. thanks

Flyingdutchy33 says:

Coincidentally I’m heading to my LFS tomorrow to get a filter & CO2 system for my new tank. I’m going with the in-line diffusor method though, as I reckon it will be more effecient at dissolving. Perhaps a comparison test would be a cool and helpfull topic for a video?

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