Ecotech Marine Diffuser Review for Radion lighting

Ecotechmarine just came out with a hot new diffuser panel for the radion line of LEDs. These Diffuser panels give your lights enhanced color blending, better shimmer and and a more even blanket of light.

Check out the review to see my initial thoughts on the radion diffuser by ecotech marine.

According to the recent article by ReefBuilders the XR15 model will shipping within next month and be priced at $45. The big brother XR30 diffusers will sell for $65 Check out Jakes article here


Marco Marcos says:

Great video as usual!

Daan Hijmans says:

This product.. makes me happy. What took you so long ecotech?

Thanks for mentioning the brs video dude, watching new radion video’s makes me wanna buy them and that’s not a good investment with a baby on the way, so it totally slipped by me haha.

Reef Roid says:

Any updates on these ?

Nastynemo says:

looking good 🙂

Duraticate reef says:

Looking good. Nice busting out the caliber or whatever you call it. Is this a temp study or are the difusers permanent?

TerraReef Aquariums says:

Thank you for making this video. Very helpful.

Tyler's Reef says:

Tanks looking beautiful! I wish I was able to use these for myself lol. Too bad the G4s are crazy expensive. I think Ecotech would make a lot more money if they were half the price since so many more people would be willing to buy them.

DM’s Reef Tank says:

Nice video man do they make them for the g4 xr30 yet that’s nice so we can’t sun brun the coral that many of the people tend to do because the leds are to high I think they are very cool nice review on them


What par meter do you normally used, from my side of the screen your tank light looks more spread thru the entire tank and more solid colors but again from my side of the screen, honestly I love your short vids much better than those two hours one but is me man nothing wrong with them but my time is limited sometimes

Arrick L says:

Nice. Would really like to see close up on the sandbed. Radions are awesome lights but never liked the disco effect.

Clayton Jessup says:

Very nice to see them in some one else’s hands the diffusers

twinturbo111 says:

Can u comment on disco effect on sand ?

Ash says:

Hi Dev thanks for the update what is the difference between the deffuser and the wide angle lenses from ecotech..The quality build of these might be a cheaper as compared to wide angle lenses but i am more interested in knowing the difference in the purpose between the two. Once again thanks and happy reefing…

Clayton Jessup says:

How did you get your hands on theses ? I would love a pair for my G4 XR15PRO’s?

Dave's Nano Tanks says:

Looks like a nice addition. I like the muted side view. I hate stray light.

siy hunter says:

Great review!

Bubba Shinobi says:

Awesome video … Finally get to see these in someone’s hands I know . Are the Diffusers available to buy from EcoTech now ??

BulkReefSupplyCom says:

Nice Review, I think it’s hard not to like these once you see them in person : )

AmroAzul TV says:

thanks for the video… have you noticed any differences in shading of corals with the added diffusers ? Also, did you have the 80 deg lens or the 120 deg lens on the xr15s?

Inappropriate Reefer says:

Very nice review of the diffuser! If I am only running the Radion G4 I would be all over this, especially since I have a pretty bad disco ball effect (which you don’t seems to have much issue of). Glad EcoTech is FINALLY coming out of a diffuser panel. 😉

RealWorldReefing says:

I have pretty well decided on Orphek Atlantik V4s for my build…. Hope I have no regrets lol. Thanks Dev! And congrats again on the upcoming event!

santiagoanguera says:

Does it improve spread? If so, how much?

Reeferdude DK says:

Nice review. Really looking forward for these diffusers to hit the market.

TOM REEFMAN202 says:

Nice review… do you know the price ?

tom england says:

Any news on release date yet? My biggest issue with my gen 3s is the “disco” ball effect, as you mentioned the diffuser gives more of a kessil look, best off both worlds! Radion performance kessil aesthetics.

thegilg says:

How do you think the difference in surface agitation (much heavier on the left side of tank) is affecting the difference in shimmer you noticed? Based on the look of the ripples on the surface, I could see that alone causing larger shimmer lines on the left. Also, the more T5 “blanket-like” spread would normally reduce shimmer, no? Thanks for the review.

Duraticate reef says:

So is this what you had me on suspense with? Lol

Justin Cole says:

What are the dimensions of this aquarium?

Ripcord says:

Is the diffuser only for the G4 or do they also fit the G3?

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