Fluval Co2 20g Reviews – Cheap Co2 for Small Tanks

A review of the Fluval Co2 20g system and how it works! An easy way to supply co2 to the small planted aquarium and tank

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Rommel R says:

I haven’t tried this but I don’t think I will because I’m using a 5lb for my 17gal. Been going for 6mo now without refilling. I’m at 1 bubble a sec now. Trying low tech because the plants have reached their potential, just keeping it balanced. Thanks for your video bro! Peace

Alfred Arellano says:

Do ya’ll think i can get away with filling the canisters once a day in a pretty heavily planted 10g? Or would i still have to fill the canisters twice a day still? Liked the video tho!

El Gurru says:

Just the video I was looking for, I’m definitely going to try this system out!!!

Jack Gallagher says:

great product good review thanks

Professor Scraggly says:

I considered getting one of these, but held out for a paintball setup. Cheaper and more effective long term.

Kongo the Jormungand says:

This channel is pretty helpful in my transition from artificial to planted tank, may try this on the 10gal, may end up trading it for a 5gal if I go with a Betta or some other vibrant but territorial singular fish. Not sure where as I’m still planning but this system seems easy for me to understand

Gabriel Sandoval says:

Finally a great video on how to set it up- I have this one for quite a while didn’t use the chambers instead I used with a diffuser and bubble counter — so at the end I attached it with an reactor – on a canister — works pretty good so far—

jess luy says:

Hi Idol, I have a fluval 88g co2 for my Fluval edge 6 gals tank. Can I have it run 24 hrs without damaging the plants or killing the fishes?

Kimmel Sadat says:

I like you man, your cool. Subscribed! Keep these videos up!

H.C. Aqua says:

I always wondered about these things. Thanks for the info.

edjumuhcated says:

Nice, i’ve been looking at this for a smaller tank, but saw a lot of bad reviews. This is what i needed. Thanks for the knowledge drop as always.

Victor Gonzalez says:

Ok so the 20g version works but what about Fluval’s 88g System? Most reviews I seen say both versions were terrible, i am just curious what your thoughts on the other version would be.

Morne Coetzee says:

I am using this system in 10G and it works great. Heavily planted and I refill the chamber twice a day. I am getting great results and can highly recommend it for a smaller tank for example a planted shrimp tank.

The Water Box says:

Have you used this system? Let us know!

Ufo Joe says:

Cool presentation. I just bought one and I’m not expecting miracles. I’m really only gonna use it as a supplement for the plants. I may place 2 of them since is a 180 liters. I really think it will work.
Cheers mate.

Eugenio Vazquez says:

I got one of those Fluval co2 20 , and I supercharged it

A.C. Aquatics says:

Thank you so much for this video. You answered every question that I was trying to ask yesterday. I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing and as always keep doing what you do if it works for you.

Joy Das says:

Is this better than DIY CO2? If I can store the co2 coming from DIY system and use it as this passive way, it will give same effect.


Nice vid! Answered a lot of questions Ive had about this system. Cheers!

Patricia Kloeppel says:

great info thinking of trying this thanks chung

cmpi82 says:

So I’ve got a question for you, I’ve got a 5lb tank & an Aquatek dual gauge regulator with solenoid, is there a way to use this system on multiple tanks without spending $45-60 on the 3-5way splitter Aquatek sells? can I just use a stainless steel 5-way splitter for air pumps?

NaturesJewels says:

Just got mine for the pea puffer tank. Hope to see a vast improvement to how badly it was going. I’ll have to do a video some time to show you how it worked for me. Thanks for all of the info and keep the videos coming!

joshua thomas says:

Great vid. Thanks!

A.C. Aquatics says:

I got my Co² kit setup and filled up for the first time today. I’m using it on a 20g high and everything seems to be straight forward and maybe this is a dumb question but what are the holes on the front of the defuser, that have rubber plugs, for? Are they just to get air out of the chamber and then put the plugs back on?

Bumpy says:

The one I got was busted so I never bothered with this product again. Been liquid dosing co2 for the time being until my better system arrives. Had It been functional I probably would’ve liked it I guess.

Jay Jay says:

just picked up 20 x 16g threaded cartridges of co2 for £2 cheaper than 3 cartridges of fluval co2 thanks once again “water box”

Member Cup says:

You basically made my decision for me
Great vid

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