Fluval co2 diffuser

I have two co2 bottles not tanks.


bman2013 says:

Hi, I really like your videos. Do you still practice this hobby? I haven’t seen any of your videos in over a year now.

Felis sylvestris says:

You will gas your Fish with that amount of co2

Felis sylvestris says:

How did you make this wall of moss?

DIY Biotopes says:

It works also with just a airpump ? Like this one (micro bubbles)

Anoop Sreenath says:

I have had no luck with Fluval c02 diffuser, I had 2 of them exchanged thinking that they were probably defective, I use DIY CO2 Yeast + Sugar mixture, which I believe did not produce enough pressure to break through the ceramic disk. Tried different ratio of mixtures but nothing seems to work; I hardly see any bubbles coming out of the disk,even after waiting 2 weeks, strangely if I hook the same onto an airstone, i see a ton of bubbles, that tells me there were no leaks in my system. I use since you are using 2 CO2 bottles, I was wondering what is the exact measure of yeast and sugar that you use in each bottle that gives you such nice mist, so far I have tried 1 cup sugar to 1 teaspoon of yeast, 1 cup sugar to 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of yeast and many other mixtures, looks like none of these mixtures produce enough pressure for the bubbles to get through the ceramic diffuser, hence was very curious to know the measure you were using that gave you such nice mist of Co2.. Cheers

Erick Mitchell says:

this diffuser sucked butt. AT least for me.

Rafal Balcerzak says:

I had exactly the same leak on my ISTA diffuser, no matter how low pressure was. It was okay after few days. But even when it was ok I wasn’t happy with size of the bubbles. So I bought Bazooka Atomizer. It produces fine mist of CO2 rather than bubbles. All CO2 is being diffused halfway to the top of the tank.

DarkSagan says:

I got mines today and youre shit is way too high.

Rick A says:

Roll another one…..

Jewls says:

did you buy a bubble counter with your diffuser?

drgnfrc13 says:

I don’t think that’s a defect. Mine runs the same way. I think they’re just poorly designed. 

Monkaveli Lm says:

What is the grass called ? I love it

ss ss says:

Nice, the eleocharis is looking lush…

Jake Iapichino says:

idk if the diffuser in this video is new or not, but whenever you first setup a diffuser it’ll have big bubbles for a day or two at most

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