Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic CO2 Diffuser

Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic CO2 Diffuser
Quick look of my new CO2 Diffuser in action.


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Spidertetra42 says:

some amazing plants in this tank!

ucsdtonychu says:

Sorry to hear they didn’t work out for you. What diffuser do you use now and are you happy with it?

Gaetano Caminiti says:

Hi Zak, You did a great job! The plants are fantastic and much green so you deserve many thumbs up!!!

Toan Pham says:

Yeahh, Aquariumplants were bad to me too. :

ADU Aquascaping says:

I love the Atomizers, great buy, they work soo well.

Zelaway1981 says:

I like hearing your voice in the videos, it’s very nice.

fariborz koh says:

Is it a with built-in check valve?

Aquascaping the World by BM says:

great vid, tank is looking nice and healthy

Fish & Fishing says:

wow good to know! Thanks

Fish & Fishing says:

wow im happy you started talking I have a 55 and wanted to know what size diffuser i needed!

Spidertetra42 says:

that sound nice! i want to try new plants as well i have only used 2 argentinian sword and fern

jkirk3348 says:

Haha it only took you 214 videos to talk. Good stuff man you always have some cool tanks.

TheRick2325 says:

it makes the videos more interesting when you talk, loving it and keep it up

Slim Tim says:

awesome plants man and like the pearling

Cole Hammond says:


MrHoney2U says:

very nice. congrats on the mile stone.

Cole Hammond says:

Nice video, nice tank, nice plant. Haha I like that you talked and shared some infi

Tom Luu says:

what regulator are you using mate?

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