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Fish gasping at the surface during a power outage? This is how you can make your own PURE oxygen and save their lives! uarujoey thekingofdiy

Make your own aquarium heater:

Build a protein skimmer:

Build a DIY aquarium top off:

All in one aquarium filter:

Water alarm:

DIY aquarium co2:


Bantham Nobilis says:

White vinegar and baking soda in a drip system works quite well too, produces 100% CO2. You can also get 100% O2 from hydrogen peroxide and carbon from old dead batteries with a drip system as well.

Nelaka Abeyaratne says:

Man I could have saved my Arowana if I knew this before ☹️

Anthony Murphy says:

I know this is an old video but question could I do this and run the airline to my skimmer on my reef tank to raise the ph?

Ace Concepcion says:

Thanks man more power to your channel keep it up bro

DrunkMouse2030 says:

I had to use this for my aquarium today I hope my fish make it

Squid Garage says:

do u need a air stone?

Deepak Pawade says:

This popped up today in 2018

Julayne O says:

thank you!

corrupted pizza says:

My fish are dying

Garry Mcgrath says:

Very dangerous for the fish oxygen over saturation will kill your fish

the beast says:

starts at 3.29

Brian Lagowski says:

what about instant potatoes?

prashant k says:

nice video. How long will it be? And can hydrogen be used again?

Farrukh Aziz says:

simply amazingg i love ur videos

edwin jake fernandes says:

My water foggs each time i use this set up, how do i overcome this? Is it bcuz of the oxygen iteslf

turtlemaster45 says:

I use yeast and peroxide

Andreas Klostermann says:

Is there any indication this actually works in terms of raising the oxygen levels?

ImSoFanny says:

so how long will this last???

A.G Sakhi says:

it’s a great Id but how long it will work do we need to change the potatoes in the future?

Jana McCurry says:

Is there anything else that can be used in place of the air stone as shown in your video? I’m in need of quick oxygen in my tank ASAP & I DO NOT have one of these stones you mention. I have everything but the stone

Lefteris Bouras says:

How long does it last ???

Omar Aziz says:

is this method anti freshwater?

Steven Mora says:

I just made it and it works perfectly

reelthing4u fishtanks says:

what to you do if your a/c goes during a heat wave? maybe you could do a vid on that

Adi says:

Hi King. Is it safe to drink that kind of oxygen water? And for how long oxygen stay in water?

Michael Marquez says:

Wow so many ideas I never thought of

Caity Holt says:

So if my fish are lightly gasping could I use this until I can get a hold of some live plants? Maybe once every other day?

TheKinOri says:

just to clarify, oxygen are not the bubbles oxygen is in the bubble

Carmen L says:

Question: If you were trying to pack and ship some fish and did not have access to a tank of pure oxygen, but you wanted to optimize the chances of your fish surviving a long trip, would this method be feasible for adding more oxygen into the bag(s)?

Karate Girl91 says:

Pouring peroxide on your wounds will make them worse.

Schiwi M says:

It’s 97% Water, could you just pour it into the tank?

OHIOspikey says:

Now I can go scuba diving on a budget 🙂 Thanks! ><(·_)

Juliet Dayao says:

i think this is for emergency purposes only, in case of a power loss

Gisel Burgos says:

People talking about the peroxide that is has expired. The video was published 2015!

Wijdan Alsaeedi says:

what can I use other than potatoes

Mitchell Rosa says:

Couldn’t you just do this in the peroxide bottle

Aliff adam says:

How long it can maintain

Sebastian Müller says:

How long do it work with one bottle?

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